“THE SACRIFICE” – A folk horror movie

A film that could well be part of the universe of
The Warren Files

Black Mandala presents the folk horror movie, “THE SACRIFICE”, directed by Alberto Serra. A fearsome family story that was part of SITGES COMING SOON and won the BLOOD WINDOW “Sofía Award” at VENTANA SUR. The film was officially selected at Curtas Film Fest (Spain); Cinefantasy (Brazil); and Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre (Argentina).

Two sisters have to fight for survival after arriving to a farm owned by their grandmother, an elderly woman stuck in a curse that has been consuming her for years. A horror story based on leyends from all over Latin America.

Director: Alberto Serra
Script: Diego Cañizal, Alberto Serra, Simon Tejeira
Cast: Freddy D’Elia, Stella Lauri, Adrian Mora, Nick Romano, Isabella Sierra, Ana Grethel Solis
Cinematography: David Sauceda
Music: Gian Carlo Feoli
Producers: Frysha Boilard, Fernanda Beiner, Carlos Harbar

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