Horror Wrestling Tournament, KILL CITY CUP, Available To Watch For FREE!

Kill City Cup is presented by the largest & most powerful company in the world, Kill Corp! Watch it for FREE Now!

Stars Brian Cage, Randy Carver Jr., April Hunter, Natalia Markova, Matthew Korklan (Matt Sydal), Brian Kahrs, and Christopher Scoville. Director: Luke Robert.

Kill Corp rose to prominence after the Great War of 2035 – a battle over depleted natural resources which saw countries fighting over what little reserves were left. Humanity was on the brink of eliminating themselves when a great visionary, Mr. Kill, came up with a miracle energy source – Green Electricity!

The world was helpless. Mr. Kill was as cunning as he was evil. He knew a distracted population was a happy one, so he launched the Kill City Cup as a modern-day gladiator tournament to keep the masses entertained and pacified.

The All F’N Wrestling Show S3 E18: Welcome to Kill City

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