Marital Nightmare OUR DEADLY VOWS Coming to Theaters July 7

Entertainment Squad will release the suspense thriller OUR DEADLY VOWS in select theaters on July 7 and on-demand and digital everywhere on August 1.

Our Deadly Vows follows a couple celebrating their one-year anniversary with friends, which quickly devolves into a battle for their life.Written, directed and starring Chris Chalk, who is most known for his role on GOTHAM and currently a regular on Apple TV’s SHINING. K.D. Chalk (Days of Our Lives) and Ashlei Sharpe (Star Trek: Picard).

Chris Chalk (Chance Charles) in Our Deadly Vows, courtesy of Entertainment Squad

Chris Chalk commented about his inspiration for the film: “This is a film made for our community. And I wasn’t going to stop fighting until the community would get the opportunity to see it. We deserve to see ourselves laugh, be shady, run from monsters and survive. Maybe…”

The Horror Collective is the genre label of Entertainment Squad — a production and distribution company founded by veteran producer Shaked Berenson (TURBO KID, TALES OF HALLOWEEN). The labels’ latest productions include the killer-pants cult classic SLAXX (Shudder Original) and the critically acclaimed action-horror-comedy BLOODY HELL. Both titles are currently available on Shudder.

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