Leslie Vernon Universe Expansion Short WAIT FOR IT Festival Run/Stills

Creator and screenwriter of the cult hit horror/comedy BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON, David J. Stieve’s directorial debut short film, WAIT FOR IT, is currently on its festival run!

Synopsis: Set within the same universe as BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON, WAIT FOR IT is a loving deconstruction of the slasher genre, seen from the perspective of survivor girl Darcy (Lily Anne Harrison), who is living in the aftermath of her own encounter with a psycho-slasher killer. We follow Darcy as she travels home from a night out with friends, always remaining wary of the inevitable return of her tormentor.

“After its initial announcement, we immediately had festivals reach out to us about submitting to them. We’ve already played at some, including the Portland Horror Film Festival where David participated in a Q&A. It was very well received by an almost packed house! We’re very grateful and looking forward to screening at more festivals we have lined up in the fall that we can’t announce just yet.” – Chris Gierowski, Executive Producer.

The short is written and directed by Stieve, produced by Amy Larsen and Dan Czerwonka, and executive produced by, Steve Squillante (THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE, POSSESSOR, 13 SINS, LOCKE), Chris Gierowski (DON’T F IN THE WOODS 1 AND 2, THE WICKED ONE, STRANDED, HEAD), Richard Stringham (CLOSE CALLS, 13 FANBOY, 10/31), and Russ Troutt.

“It’s what I call an ‘Easter basket’ of slasher moments, about how a survivor girl copes with the monotony of day-to-day life after her experience. Always looking over her shoulder, always waiting for something to happen, because she knows that ONE day her boogeyman will eventually return. But most days aren’t THAT day. WAIT FOR IT let me explore this in a way that throws back to classic horror tropes, with a Leslie Vernon style spin on it.” – David J. Stieve.

“Obviously, after the WGA strike is over and the writers get a fair contract, we have several ideas of how to spinoff this expansion to make more films in the Leslie Vernon universe. The positive reaction to it has definitively proven there is a loyal following who want more from this world and we want to deliver on that. So contact your local film festivals, especially the horror ones, and tell them you want to see Wait For It playing there.” – Chris Gierowski

The movie stars Lily Anne Harrison, Ashley London, and Nathan Baesel.

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