Long-Awaited Cover Reveal of “Gruesome Futures”, the Fourth Installment in the Spine-Chilling Series, ‘Tales to Make You Vomit’

Welcome, dear readers, to the long-awaited cover reveal of “Gruesome Futures”, the fourth installment in my spine-chilling series, Tales to Make You Vomit, and my first anthology as editor. Today, we embark on a journey through the haunting image adorning the cover, one that symbolizes the twisted odyssey that awaits you, my lovely fans, between the pages of the paperback or etched in eInk on the screen of your eReader.

As we gaze upon the ghastly cover art of “Gruesome Futures”, a profound metaphor emerges, weaving a tapestry of terror and despair: an astronaut, devoid of a protective helmet, kneels on the lunar surface, regurgitating upon the desolate moon.

The act of vomiting represents the overwhelming horror and helplessness, the overwhelming emotional and psychological turmoil, that you, dear fans, will face reading this book. Just as the astronaut succumbs to the uncontrollable expulsion of his deepest fears, so too will you succumb to the insidious forces that unfold within the lunar library. The moon, an otherworldly and barren landscape, acts as a canvas upon which your horrors will manifest, contrasting the vastness of the universe with the minuscule vulnerability of humanity.

And yet, this metaphor extends further, capturing not only the astronaut’s torment, but also the cataclysmic fate of our world. Behind him, the Earth erupts into a devastating explosion, symbolizing the impending doom that looms over the world you will leave behind within the pages of this book.

Ultimately, the cover of “Gruesome Futures” encapsulates the terrifying exploration of humanity’s darkest depths, where our fears, both personal and existential, threaten to consume us entirely. And now, without further ado, the cover to Gruesome Futures (Tales to Make You Vomit Book 4):

In Gruesome Futures, three brave astronauts embark on a seemingly routine trip to the moon. Little do they know that a hidden purpose awaits them—an alien signal detected from the moon, shrouded in secrecy to prevent panic on Earth. The lunar module is damaged upon landing, stranding the astronauts on the moon’s surface, with no hope of returning home. Determined to fulfill their mission, they follow the mysterious signal to a crater, leading them beneath the moon’s surface and into an enigmatic library.

Here, the narrative takes a grotesque turn when the astronauts encounter an unsettling presence known as the Librarian, a seemingly harmless elderly woman with a nefarious agenda.

Each astronaut must read a science fiction book from the Librarian’s collection, a series of abhorrent stories authored by the disgustingly talented Misha Burnett, Max Gunssler, and Todd Love. For every instance of vomiting, the Librarian will launch a colossal rock at Earth, causing unimaginable destruction and loss of life. As the narrative unfolds, the astronauts face an unsettling realization—the final rock will bring about the extinction of all life on Earth.

“Gruesome Futures” features stories by three acclaimed authors renowned for their ability to invoke revulsion, dread, and a dark fascination. They are:

Misha Burnett!

With a penchant for crafting unsettling narratives, Misha Burnett’s latest tale, It Only Hurts When I Swallow, promises to take you on an emotional journey of grotesque beauty. In this slice of new wave fiction, Burnett’s twisted imagination births scenes of judicial punishment that defy the limits of human comprehension.

Max Gunssler!

Prepare to be ensnared by the putrid pulp of Max Gunssler, for in The Rape and Annihilation of Babe Babylonia, he weaves a story of future professional wrestling that will disturb the depths of your puny human psyche. Gunssler’s uncanny ability to write gonzo, off-the-wall action scenes, makes his contribution to “Gruesome Futures” a testament to his mastery of the pen.

Todd Love!

In The Secret on Subfloor 82 of Serenity Station, Todd Love offers readers an unforgiving plunge into the darkest recesses of the human condition. In this piece of Grimdark MilFic action, Love’s exploration of the grotesque serves as a reflection of our own flawed existence, challenging you to unearth the true horrors that lie within.

And let’s not forget Skincube!

Last, but certainly not least, is Tales to Make You Vomit cover artist Skincube. Skincube is a freelance artist who draws comics and weird stuff. His twisted and grotesque creations have graced the covers of books, music albums, and magazines. He is based in Los Angeles, where he enjoys peeling off his own skin and stitching it into new shapes. You can find more of his horrific work on his Patreon, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Gumroad, and Artstation. Beware: his art may make you vomit.

Prepare yourselves, dear readers, as “Gruesome Futures” lurks just beyond the horizon, eager to invade your nightmares and beckon you into its dreadful embrace. With the tantalizing promise of unsettling tales from Misha Burnett, Max Gunssler, and Todd Love, this latest installment in Tales to Make You Vomit is sure to satiate even the most voracious of horror connoisseurs. Brace yourselves for the unspeakable horrors that await within the pages of this abominable anthology. Gruesome Futures (Tales to Make You Vomit Book 4) comes out on Godless August 18, and everywhere else September 1.

I can’t wait! Can you?

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