Popcorn Frights Announces Third Wave of Programming for Hybrid Festival

Highlights include the 30th anniversary presentation of SOUTH BEACH with live commentary for closing night; five feature film World Premieres including the creature feature FROGMAN, slashers FOUNDERS DAY & THAT’S A WRAP, killer mannequin tale DON’T LOOK AWAY, and the Florida-set serial killer thriller THE BLACK MASS; the US Premiere of Richard Elfman’s campy splatterfest BLOODY BRIDGET; the North American Premiere of DARK WINDOWS; and the theatrical premiere of Severin Films’ new restoration of the made-in-Florida controversial masterpiece NIGHTMARE with producer/actor Mik Cribben in attendance

The Ninth Annual Popcorn Frights Film Festival will be a hybrid experience presenting both in-theater and virtual film offerings from August 10-20, 2023

It’s all been building up to this! Get your heart racing and your popcorn ready because Popcorn Frights’ third wave of programming is here, and it’s bigger and more ambitious than ever before! Brace yourself for 48 feature film presentations from 20 countries with industry sessions, beach parties, live performances, horror trivia, live comedy, and so much more!

Running from August 10-20, Popcorn Frights is bringing cinematic mayhem both online across the US and in-theater at three notable venues throughout South Florida. It’s the Southeast United States’ largest gathering of genre films and fans, and Popcorn Frights is unveiling its most badass genre lineup from around the globe to the Sunshine State!

Hold tight because the fun and terror begin with a special live event in tribute to legendary underground experimental filmmaker Kenneth Anger. Miami artist Slavvy will perform an original score, setting the tone for the Festival’s “The Horror Collective Screening Room” at the O Cinema South Beach, just across from Ocean Drive. The atmosphere will be electric as the Festival lights up the night!

Breaking all records this year, over 20 films will have their world premieres at Popcorn Frights with several festival alums returning as well, including the Bloomquist Brothers’ political slasher FOUNDERS DAY, Marcel Walz’s giallo thriller THAT’S A WRAP, Anthony Cousins’ found footage creature feature FROGMAN, Devanny Pinn’s Florida-set serial killer thriller THE BLACK MASS, as well as the killer mannequin creepfest DON’T LOOK AWAY — all set to keep you on the edge of your seat.

But that’s not all! Get ready for the US Premiere of Richard Elfman’s delightfully campy horror tale BLOODY BRIDGET, the North American Premiere of the survival thriller DARK WINDOWS, the Florida Premiere of the deliriously inventive HUNDREDS OF BEAVERS, the jaw-dropping feature film debuts of The Drexton’s SOUR PARTY and Olivia West Lloyd’s SOMEWHERE QUIET, and a secret screening of an otherworldly and truly visionary film experience that only those brave enough to enter the theater will revel in the reveal!

Continuing Popcorn Frights’ largest spotlight on made-in-Florida cinema, the Festival will host the theatrical premiere of Severin Films’ 4K restoration of the complete version of the 1981 sun & scuzz horror thriller NIGHTMARE. Joining the special event is producer/actor Mik Cribben, who will participate in an extended conversation about the making of this controversial, gore-soaked gem.

Closing Popcorn Frights’ in-theater film program is the 30th anniversary of Fred Williamsons’ super-rare made-in-Miami murder mystery SOUTH BEACH starring Gary Busey, Peter Fonda, Robert Forster, and Vanity. This will be accompanied by a lively and fun live commentary that will keep you entertained till the very end!

Notable films exclusively playing as part of Popcorn Frights’ virtual program comprised of 22 feature films include the haunting psychological tale BIBI and the unrelentingly ultra-violent horror of BEATEN TO DEATH, an outstanding addition to Popcorn Frights’ “Australian Invasion” special sidebar.

The excitement doesn’t end with the films — prepare for Horror Movie Trivia hosted by Fangoria and actress Anne Bobby! And if that’s not enough, industry sessions moderated by Fangoria’s Editor-in- Chief Phil Nobile Jr. and a continental breakfast for filmmakers await you at the renowned The Betsy South Beach. When night falls, the party continues at The Betsy with an outdoor bash and complimentary drinks — talk about a frightfully good time!

But wait, there’s more! How about a walking tour of some of South Beach’s most notable filming locations? Discover where Dexter, Miami Vice, Bad Boys, and Ace Ventura made their mark in the world of horror and thrills.

So grab your friends, your favorite swim trunks, and get ready for the most electrifying, sunny, and frightfully fun-packed summer event of the year. Popcorn Frights is coming for you, and you won’t want to miss a single moment of it!

Access to the “The Horror Collective Screening Room’s” in-theater experience will be available for free, but priority access will be provided to Festival badge holders. Popcorn Frights’ all-access badge provides an all-inclusive experience for films and special events hosted at the Savor Cinema Fort Lauderdale and “The Alter Screening Room,” Popcorn Frights official host venues this year. Separate virtual passes are also available and will provide access to every film streaming in the festival’s virtual program throughout the US. To order an In-Theater All-Access Badge, click here, to order a Virtual All-Access Pass, click here.

Popcorn Frights will announce its shorts program as part of the Festival’s fourth and final wave in the coming week.

The ninth edition of the Popcorn Frights Film Festival is made possible with the support of its generous sponsors, including 88 Films, AGFA, ALTER, The Betsy, Daily Dead, Bloody Disgusting, Dread Central, Fangoria, Fright Rags, Classic Gateway Theater, The Horror Collective, Kino Cult, MVD, O Cinema, Savor Cinema, Severin Films, and its loyal fans. For more info about Popcorn Frights, visit PopcornFrights.com

(Third Wave)

The Black Mass
World Premiere
United States | 2023 | 85 Min. | Dir. Devanny Pinn
*Director Devanny Pinn and cast expected to attend

Inspired by real events, this sinister tale is set over a 24-hour period in Florida during the winter of 1978 when college girls were being stalked by a serial killer.

Bloody Bridget
US Premiere
United States | 2023 | 80 Min. | Dir. Richard Elfman

A Haitian voodoo deity transforms a burlesque dancer into a “Valentine vampire.” Blood only whets her appetite – she must eat her victims’ beating hearts!

Dark Windows
North American Premiere
United States | 2023 | 80 Min. | Dir. Alex Herron

A peaceful getaway turns into a fight for survival when a masked killer terrorizes a group of teens at a remote farmhouse in the countryside.

Don’t Look Away
World Premiere
United States | 2023 | 81 Min. | Dir. Michael Bafaro

A chance encounter with this supernatural entity proves devastating for a young woman after she learns that once you see the mannequin, there may be no end in sight, except for your own.

Founders Day
World Premiere
United States | 2023 | 104 Min. | Dir. Erik Bloomquist
*Director Erik Bloomquist, writer Carson Bloomquist, and cast expected to attend

In this bold political slasher, a small town is shaken by a series of ominous killings in the days leading up to a heated mayoral election. As accusations fly and the threat of a masked killer darkens every street corner, the residents must race to uncover the truth before fear consumes the town.

World Premiere
United States | 2023 | 77 Min. | Dir. Anthony Cousins
*Director Anthony Cousins expected to attend

Three friends in search of the Loveland Frogman are about to find out he is more than just a local legend.

Hundreds of Beavers
Florida Premiere
United States | 2023 | 108 Min. | Dir. Mike Cheslik

In this 19th century, supernatural winter epic, a drunken applejack salesman must go from zero to hero and become North America’s greatest fur trapper by defeating hundreds of beavers.

Somewhere Quiet
Southeast US Premiere
United States | 2023 | 98 Min. | Dir. Olivia West Lloyd

This unsettling thriller follows a woman as she readjusts to normalcy after a kidnapping. Her sense of reality begins to deteriorate when she travels to her husband’s family compound.

Sour Party
Florida Premiere
United States | 2023 | 84 Min. | Dir. The Drextons
*Directors The Drextons expected to attend

Two broke, flailing 30-somethings are on a quest to scrounge money from a collection of low lives and failed artists in an attempt to show up to one of their sister’s baby shower with a proper gift.

That’s A Wrap
World Premiere
United States | 2023 | 85 Min. | Dir. Marcel Walz
*Director Marcel Walz and cast expected to attend

In this giallo thriller, the cast of a film arrives at a wrap party, but someone has dressed up as the slasher in the movie and begins to stage their own kill scenes. One by one, the cast disappears until the true nature of the evening is revealed.

(Third Wave)

Southeast US Premiere
United States | 2023 | 95 Min. | Dir. Christopher Beatty

In this gripping psychological thriller, a grieving woman consumed by her own demons must confront a relentless stalker who blurs the boundaries between nightmare and reality, forcing her to question her sanity.

Beaten to Death
Florida Premiere
Australia | 2022 | 90 Min. | Dirs. Sam Curtain

A desperate choice leads Jack down a path that leaves him beaten and bruised as he struggles against man, nature, and his own insanity.

(Third Wave)

In Tribute to Kenneth Anger
Special Presentation
*Live Performance Event

Theatrical Restoration Premiere
United States-Italy | 1981 | 97 Min. | Dir. Romano Scavolini
*Producer/Actor Mik Cribben expected to attend

A mental patient embarks on a murder spree upon escaping from an institution.

South Beach
30th Anniversary Presentation
United States | 1993 | 93 Min. | Dir. Fred Williamson
*Live Commentary

A tough former cop and football star finds himself in trouble, and gets his old teammates to jump in.

Horror Movie Trivia Presented by Fangoria

Would you like to play a game? If you know your frightful facts, join Fangoria as they cover on-screen mayhem and the darkness behind-the-screams. We promise you a terrifyingly terrific time at our horror movie quiz with bite. Expect some mind-benders and maybe some bone breakers, as we test the limits of your horror knowledge. See if you have what it takes to survive our fiendish horror trivia quiz and win special prizes!

Industry Sessions Hosted at
The Betsy South Beach

Calling all creatives! Experience discovery, professional development, outdoor parties, and networking with other artists and filmmakers at Popcorn Frights’ industry sessions, including its main event about “Finding Success with Your Short Film” moderated by Fangoria’s Editor-in-Chief Phil Nobile Jr. All industry events are exclusive to badge holders and will take place at The Betsy, a beachfront gem honored by Travel + Leisure as one of the best hotels in the world located along Miami Beach’s iconic Ocean Drive.

South Beach Walking Tour

It’s time to exit your Birdcage and Step Up to the Revolution as we take you on a sunny walking tour of some of South Beach’s most notable filming locations from film and television. Scarface proved that chainsaw massacres aren’t only for Texas. Need to inspect the assassination of Gianni Versace? We can take you around to see where Dexter, the Miami Vice, Bad Boys, and of course, Ace Ventura did some of their finest work. Plus so much more!

For all further details please visit www.popcornfrights.com

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Popcorn Frights Film Festival is the ultimate summer celebration of the art of horror, showcasing the finest contemporary genre cinema from around the world. As the largest genre film festival in the Southeast U.S., this ten-day event takes pride in premiering works from both emerging and established filmmakers. By offering a platform for these artists, the festival aims to provide an immersive experience that highlights the captivating power of storytelling through genre film.

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