Ultimate Horror Series IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS Enters New Era With IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS: 1990-1994


CREATORVC, the creators of the critically acclaimed In Search of Darkness trilogy, invites fans to share their passion for ‘90s horror by helping to shape upcoming documentary In Search of Darkness: 1990 -1994.

CREATORVC is listening: Horror fans are encouraged to go to 90shorrordoc.com to share their thoughts in a survey and comment on the In Search of Darkness: 1990 -1994 synopsis — giving fans as much say in the collaborative process as possible.

CREATORVC’s goal in this unique opportunity is to gather fan insights, questions, and preferences to enhance the upcoming documentary and allow every horror fan to feel seen and heard.

In Search of Darkness: 1990 -1994 survey participation ends Sept. 1, 2023.

From Writer/Director David Weiner:

“After such a positive critical and fan response to our In Search of Darkness ‘80s trilogy, I am excited to dive into In Search of Darkness: 1990 -1994. The ‘90s was a decade of transition for horror, yet there is so much more creativity and imagination on display upon a closer look. With so many memorable genre films, miniseries, TV shows and topics of discussion available to tackle, I welcome constructive input from our vocal horror community to help spotlight the things that they are most excited to see in our documentary, which will be presented on-screen through interviews, clips and motion graphics with the same spirit and celebration on display in our ‘80s trilogy.”

From Executive Producer Robin Block:

“Horror fans, we hear you. At CREATORVC, we’re not just making a documentary, we’re crafting a love letter to ’90s horror. Your passion fuels our mission to create the most definitive horror documentary ever. We’re in this together, shaping the narrative of In Search of Darkness: 1990-1994. Let’s dive deep into this transformative era and bring our shared horror fandom to life like never before.”

Explore the ‘90s with Film Icons & Experts: The early ‘90s proved to be a tough transition time for horror films in the wake of an overabundance of genre output in the ‘80s. Horror was in search of a new identity. Some call it a “lost decade” of horror. We disagree. This was an exciting time for filmmaking that we cannot wait to explore in In Search of Darkness: 1990 -1994, the first part of two planned long-form documentaries exploring the pivotal final decade of the 20th century.

Featuring 50-plus exclusive horror film icon and expert interviews, In Search of Darkness: 1990-1994 will dive into this intriguing “lost” era to share their observations, experiences, and analysis to help deconstruct, re-contextualize, and reframe this fascinating period of time in filmmaking history with the same reverence and energetic celebratory lens as the 14-hour In Search of Darkness ‘80s trilogy, which was nominated for the Fangoria Chainsaw Award and two Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards. 

Pre-orders for In Search of Darkness: 1990-1994 will kick off this October.

About CREATORVC: An independent producer of community-powered entertainment: long-form factual content that is funded, inspired, and shaped by a dedicated community of fans. CREATORVC documentary projects include the critically acclaimed IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS ‘80s trilogy; IN SEARCH OF TOMORROW; IN SEARCH OF THE LAST ACTION HEROES; FPS: FIRST PERSON SHOOTER; and the upcoming ALIENS EXPANDED. For more information go to www.creatorvc.com.

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