“Night of the Insolent Vermin” Now Available on Blu-Ray from Bayview Entertainment

Night of the Insolent Vermin directed by Gary DeJidas and starring Kayla Strada; Jaydelise Volquez; and Anna Faith is now available on Blu-ray from Bayview Entertainment.

A diverse group of girlfriends, and a Dominican drifter they snatched from a couple of creeps, decide to hunker down together to ride out a colossal hurricane rolling through Florida. But this is no ordinary mega storm: it has supernatural-like powers. It turns innocent, docile, cockroaches into freakishly aggressive roach armies. It turns dumb day-laboring lawn guys into even dumber menacing stalkers. And it sends Central Florida into martial law. But it’s up to this group of ladies to form a super squad and save Orlando! Few movies, in the history of cinema, have made silly so sexy, or chaos so much fun!Night of the Insolent Vermin on Blu-ray:https://www.oldies.com/product-view/00172Y.html?

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