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Pasha Entertainment is a burgeoning independent film production company established in 2017 and based in Charlotte, NC. Founded by Victoria Bell and Pat Moore, Pasha began by producing short films and collaborating on projects with other companies in the US and UK.

Victoria Bell serves as the creative director and has assembled a versatile team that can take a project from a bare-bones concept to a polished, finished production. Bell herself is an accomplished writer, producer, director, and actress. Having filled these positions and others in several productions, has made her an experienced leader and gives her an insightful edge in bringing out the best in her team and developing the script.

Pat Moore serves as the business mind behind the company with over 30 years’ experience in business management in several other on going, successful companies. Moore also has had many years of experience in the music industry, working with nationally known artists and having a solo career of his own.

Pasha Entertainment is proudly announcing its first full feature film, “Heir of the Witch”, to be released domestically and internationally via streaming platforms on August 4th, 2023. Pasha also has several other projects in the works with the feature film “5” being its next endeavor.

An underprivileged seamstress, haunted by her past, seeks love and acceptance in high society but is faced with the curse from her evil roots. Anna H. flees to America with her aunt at a young age, hoping for a bright future away from her turbulent past. Induced by her grandmother, Anna develops a passion in her craft as a seamstress.

Anna’s memories bring great pain, as she remembers the horrific death of her mother, caused by her alcoholic father and the torment that followed while in the care of her grandmother.

Her grandmother, an evil witch, often bound young Anna to a chair in a dark room, while performing sadistic witchery on her with her own blood. Anna kills her grandmother, by brutally stabbing her with the scissors her grandmother gifted her in a sewing kit on her birthday.

Her grandmother’s spirit lurks, constantly tormenting Anna in her solitude, provoking her to use the powers she was cursed with in her youth and to fulfill her dark destiny. Anna refuses to follow that path.

By sewing a dress for the beautiful and rich Chloe Hunt, Anna is lured into her world and becomes the puppet that everyone bullies and exploits. At a party at the Hunt’s residence, Anna meets many of Chloe’s high society friends along with her husband and his partner Martin. Martin tries to woo Anna with his tasteless charm but is unsuccessful.

Anna is also manipulated into becoming Chloe’s housekeeper, personal shopper, amongst other things in exchange for a fee and acceptance into their family, or so she thought. Being under pressure to care for her sickly Aunt Rosie, and the inability to afford her medication, Anna reluctantly accepts to Chloe’s offer and finds herself under scrutiny and more torment from Chloe’s high expectations.

Falling into the web of the aristocratic Hunt family, Anna starts an affair with handsome and charismatic Nicholas Hunt, Chloe’s husband.

Not long into the affair, Anna becomes pregnant and Nicholas promises to leave his wife. Nicholas becomes her only hope for a normal life and urges him to move in with her and start a family. The spirit of the witch is drawn to the unborn child and wants to claim it for her own.

The town eventually finds out about their affair and Nicholas abandons Anna. In an attempt to get Nicholas back, she tracks him down at his work, demanding his love, only to be dismissed by him.

The spirit of the witch continues to harass and taunt Anna and murders anyone who attempts to get close to her in a horrific manner. Anna finds herself in the reluctant position of using her powers in order to push the Witch’s spirit away.

Chloe Hunt becomes terminally ill and invites Anna over her house, begging ger to give her more time with her husband, in a desperate move, Chloe points a gun at her, threatening to kill her. In the heat of the moment Anna stabs Chloe but regrets her actions and tries to help her to no avail.

The witch’s spirit is ever present in every situation, triumphant in Anna’s misfortunes. The witch wants the unborn child to continue the witchcraft curse that Anna refuses to join.

Anna seeks refuge with her ill Aunt Rosie and realizes she has been dead for months and has been caring for her dead corps all this time. Anna fleas her Aunt Rosie’s room and is attacked by Nicholas, enraged that she killed his wife. Anna protects her child and begs Nicholas to stop but uses the gun she took from Chloe and shoots him.

The body falls on the ground revealing Dustin. The reality hits Anna that it was Dustin who she had the love affair with not Nicholas and he’s the father of her child.

Anna’s reality was shadowed by the Witch as was the witch’s intent for Anna to have a child to pass on the curse. In Anna’s awakening, she realizes the witch pushed her into using her demonic powers to brutally kill Chloe and Nicholas.

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