New Short Film ‘The Foreboding’ Announced

The Foreboding is a new short film in the works, created and written by Alex Staunton-Hill with Peter Tilley joining as co-creator. Peter has also signed on as producer for the film.

It follows a group of university students who take a trip into the woods after finishing their first year and go up against an otherworldly presence. However, this isn’t your stereotypical teen horror flick.

Cast announcements will begin to roll out from September. 

We are very excited to announce Kemal Yildirim has officially signed on as director, cinematographer and Editor for the film. 

Kemal is well known for his work in the indie film scene, and is an award-winning independent filmmaker, which is why the team are so honoured to have him onboard and involved in this production. 

Check out an exclusive interview with Kemal, which was filmed on set last month. Including a first look at behind-the-scenes footage, with our cast and crew! You can find this on the official Instagram account for the Foreboding, theforebodingofficial.

The film was shot in July-August 2023, now in post-production. It is set for an early 2024 release. Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon as marketing kicks off!

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