Maddie Nichols and Vincent Stalba Starring in Absurdist Horror Comedy Short FCK’N NUTS


Maddie Nichols (Emergency, Creepshow) and Vincent Stalba (Lessons in Chemistry, Claws, The Blood of the Dinosaurs) star in Fck’N Nuts, an absurdist horror comedy written and directed by Sam Fox (Bad Acid, Unagi) and produced alongside New Orleans filmmaker Joe Badon.

Executive Producers are Sam Fox of Foxy Films (My Divorce Party, Bad Acid, Circus Person), and Daniel Waghorne of Cosmic Family Films (The Blood of the Dinosaurs, Sister Tempest). Producers are Desiree Staples (My Divorce Party, It’s What She Would Have Wanted, Circus Person), Katie Weiss Porter (The Wheel of Heaven, Delivery), Joe Badon (The Blood of the Dinosaurs, Sister Tempest), Vincent Stalba (Plum, The Blood of the Dinosaurs, I Could Dom) and MovieMaker Magazine’s Deirdre McCarrick.

The film was awarded a production grant from MovieMaker Magazine and was filmed on location in New Orleans.

“Fck’n Nuts is an absurdist horror/comedy based off of my childhood growing up with my parents who were FUCKING NUTS. My mentors have always told me to write what I know, but I can’t talk about my pain without making a joke out of it. This is my best attempt to be honest and vulnerable about my experience as a teenager living with my parents while also being my usual, ridiculous, doesn’t take anything too seriously, self.” -Sam Fox

The film centers around Sandy, a melancholy teenager, who is grievously forced to break it off with the boy of her dreams in order to avert him from meeting her unusual parents.

Vincent Stalba says: “This film is cuckoo bananas and the type of project that reminds you how much you love doing this. It’s all worth it for something like this”.

Co-starring in the film are Michele Rossi (The God Inside My Ear, Mother’s Ring) and William E. Harris (Bill & Ted Face the Music)

In 2022 Nightmares Film Festival awarded Sam Fox Best Director for her last short ‘Bad Acid’ and she also won Best Production Design at both FilmQuest and Be Afraid Horror Fest, and Best International Film at Phenomena Festival.

“Fck’n Nuts was easily the best 12 minutes of my week.” –Edward Brown, Reel Deep Films (North Carolina Film Critics Association)

“The front runner for the Best Short Film of 2023.” — Albert Valentin, WorldFilmGeek

“Unbelievably bizarre, mesmerizing and above all else – shocking.” –Connor Petrey, Cinefied

Selected to:
L’Etrange (Sept. 5 – Sept. 17) *World Premiere, Paris **Best International Short Nom.
Sydney Underground (Sept. 14)
The Future of Film is Female (Sept. 20)
Fantastic Fest (Sept. 21 – Sept 28)
Charlotte Film Festival (Sept. 27 – Oct. 1)
New Orleans Film Festival (Oscar Qualifying) (Nov. 3 – Nov. 8)

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