First Teaser for Sitges & Beyond Fest Selection LAST STRAW

DIRECTED BY Alan Scott Neal

WRITTEN BY Taylor Sardoni


STARRING Jessica Belkin (American Horror Story), Jeremy Sisto (Six Feet Under, Wrong Turn) and Taylor Kowalski (Snowfall)

LAST STRAW marks the directorial debut of Alan Scott Neal with a script by Taylor Sardoni, a raw & relentless twist on the home-invasion thriller, starring Jessica Belkin (American Horror Story), Jeremy Sisto (Thirteen, Clueless) and Taylor Kowalski (Snowfall). 

Set over one night in a dusty roadside diner, LAST STRAW follows Nancy (Belkin), a young waitress working alone on the late shift. As a series of chaotic events spiral out of control, Nancy finds herself in a fight for her life when she is terrorized by a group of masked assailants. No one is who they appear to be, and with nowhere to turn, she must do everything she can to survive the night.

LAST STRAW is produced by Daniel Brandt (I Love My Dad), Bad Grey’s Dane Eckerle (I Love My Dad) & Cole Eckerle (Mother, May I?), along with producers Michael Giannone & Phil Keefe on behalf of AC3 Media, Levon Panek, and Sam Slater of Burn Later Productions. LAST STRAW will world premiere at Sitges Film Festival, followed by a North American debut at Beyond Fest in Los Angeles.

DIRECTOR Alan Scott Neal

WRITER Taylor Sardoni


COMPOSER Alan Palomo (Neon Indian)

PRODUCERS Daniel Brandt, Dane Eckerle, Cole Eckerle, Michael Giannone, Phil Keefe

GENRE: Horror/Thriller

RUN TIME: 81 Minutes

YEAR: 2023

SALES: Blue Finch Films

ALAN SCOTT NEAL is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker originally from rural Virginia, with a love for genre filmmaking and a passion for unique, idiosyncratic characters in dark, twisted worlds. Prior to moving to NYC to study filmmaking at Columbia University, he made his keep managing a video rental store, spraying for mosquitos, and landscaping graveyards.

Alan fell in love with filmmaking after his grandfather secretly gave him a copy of THE EXORCIST on VHS. He became hungry for all things cinema and subsequently learned how to make movies from memorizing RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK shot-for-shot after it got stuck in his family’s VCR, playing reel-to-reel ad infinitum (He still has the VCR. The movie is still stuck).

Since finishing film school, Alan has worked as a casting professional after a renowned casting director watched his short, PRETTY IS. He has worked on casting projects like HBO’s EUPHORIA, Park Chan-wook’s THE SYMPATHIZER and the Safdie Brother’s film UNCUT GEMS. Alan received his BA in Criminal Justice and Film Studies at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and an MFA in Directing from Columbia University. LAST STRAW is his first feature, with two feature projects in development.

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