“All Wounds Scream at Once” Launches Indiegogo Campaign

All Wounds Scream at Once from director David R. Williams launches an Indiegogo Campaign drenched in blood.

A woman haunted by tragic events, withdraws to an isolated family farm to heal. Instead her soul-crushing sorrow mutates into madness, murder and death.

Cory Cowley produces and stars in All Wounds Scream at Once with some nice gory perks including Poster Signed in Cory Blood, Copy of Script Signed in Blood, Blood Bath Park, and Cory Kills You on Screen! 

All Wounds Scream at Once has a hard hitting heavy metal soundtrack that includes Vale of Pnath, Amenorrhea, Heads for the Dead, DEFACING GOD, Utterscorn, VULNIFICUS, Gorgatron, Kalvath, Maxime Tacciardi’s K.F.R., Angelic Desolation, ATOLL, Thy Soul Annihilated, Spacecorpse, Final Seige, Serling, Protagony, Fetal Embalment, MASSACRE, Angel Massacre, GRÂ, Antkythera, Torsofuck, Deflowered, and Norwegian rockers DANG!!!

All Wounds Scream at Once Indiegogo:https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/all-wounds-scream-at-once

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