A real estate appraiser explores a mysterious house that seems to vanish at will.

A teenage boy asks an AI fortune-teller: “When will I die?” but its shocking answer leads him to an even more shocking truth about his past.

An office building becomes a janitor’s worst nightmare… a nightmare he may never escape.

A hiker discovers why numerous people have gone missing around an infamous mountain. Now he may be next.

These are just some of the terrifying scenarios to be found in this bone-chilling collection. THE NIGHTMARE CRYPT (VOL. 1) contains 16 spellbinding tales that will make you sleep with the lights on.

Stories include:

The Vent
The Last House on Cedar Lane
The Crow
Someone at the Door
Terror on the Slope
A Halloween Visit
The Goonyak
Horror on Interstate 89
Another Life
In the Walls
The Office
When the Clock Strikes 13
It Came from Above
The Warlock (Part 1)
The Warlock (Part 2)

THE NIGHTMARE CRYPT (VOL. 1) contains 16 terrifying tales that will make you sleep with the lights on. From blood-thirsty monsters and all-knowing AIs to mysterious ghosts and phantom houses, a thrill ride of terror awaits. Enter now… if you dare at…


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“It was a great book. Kept me on my toes. Interesting stories. Horror genre. I would definitely would recommend this book.”

About Author Owen Mulligan

Owen Mulligan writes scary stories for horror fans. He grew up reading Ray Bradbury and Stephen King and watching scary movies at the drive-in. He lives in Vermont where you might find him roaming the woods or exploring mysterious locations.

“I’m thrilled to finally share this collection of creepy tales after over a year of writing and exploring all sorts of strange and scary things. I hope the book gives readers horrific nightmares. It certainly gave me some,”  -Author Owen Mulligan

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