“The Boatyard” Debuts at Sundance Film Festival in 2024

Brace yourself for The Boatyard, a bone-chilling horror film that will have you on the edge of your seat. Directed by the talented Dale Stelly and written and created by mastermind RG Graham, this movie promises to deliver a chilling experience like no other. Starring Susan Lanier (The Hills Have Eyes ), (The Black Mass) and Mike Ferguson,(Amityville Uprising 2022).

The Boatyard follows the harrowing journey of five college students who embark on a boat trip. After a day of wild partying, their boat mysteriously refuses to start. Just when they think their situation couldn’t get any worse, a stranger emerges from the shadows, offering assistance. Little do they know that this enigmatic figure has a sinister hunger for death. As the students find themselves trapped in the eerie boatyard, they must fight for their lives against an unimaginable evil. Will they be able to survive the nightmarish ordeal, or will they become the next victims of this malevolent force?

The Boatyard boasts a stellar cast that brings the characters to life with captivating performances. Susan Lanier, known for her role in the cult classic The Hills Have Eyes, delivers a stunning portrayal of a young woman fighting for survival against unimaginable horrors. Lanier’s ability to convey vulnerability and strength simultaneously adds depth to her character, making her a force to be reckoned with on-screen. 

While fans eagerly await the release of The Boatyard, lMike Ferguson is already making waves in the industry with his upcoming project, Showdown at the Grand 2023. This film, starring the acclaimed Terrance Howard, promises to be another enthralling addition to Ferguson’s impressive filmography.

The Boatyard is a groundbreaking project for ENRG Entertainment, the production company owned by RG Graham. With a commitment to delivering high-quality horror films, ENRG Entertainment aims to redefine the genre and captivate audiences worldwide. By pushing the boundaries of storytelling and visual effects, they strive to create unforgettable cinematic experiences that will leave viewers craving more.

Guiding the actors and capturing the essence of The Boatyard on camera is the talented director Dale Stelly. Known for his exceptional work in the entertainment industry, Compton’s Finest and Bomb Pizza Stelly has a keen eye for creating atmospheric and spine-tingling scenes. With his expertise, he weaves together a seamless narrative that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Stelly’s direction ensures that every frame of this movie oozes with tension and fear, making it a must-watch for all horror enthusiasts.

The Boatyard is set to make its grand debut at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in 2024. Known for showcasing innovative and boundary-pushing films, Sundance provides the perfect platform for this horror masterpiece to captivate audiences and garner critical acclaim.

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