FEAR OF THE WOODS – Watch Some Bear-Horror Today!

Fear of the Woods stars Vernon Wells (MAD MAX, COMMANDO), Ralf Beck, and Christian Arnold. Wells, at the age of 74, did all his own stunts, saying: “I’m a fucking ’80s action star. I don’t need a stuntman!” It was a difficult shoot with two-meter deep snow, arctic temperatures, and only six hours of daylight.

The cast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUANZhlfRrg

The film is done without any CGI, using only old-school in camera techniques and amazing animatronics, by the Swedish monster factory FIXAS


Directed by Titus Paar “We hope to bring back the charm of doing it the old way but with modern techniques and themes, I think the audience wants something that feels real again, true movie magic without CGI. That bear was actually there with us in the freezing snow.”

Paar’s last film, The Perfect Weapon (starring Steven Seagal), was #1 on Netflix in the US. Followed by the Dino adventure WE HUNT GIANTS


“The full feature is in the works, we are haltered by the SAG strike but hope that will be resolved in time for us to film this winter. I get fans texting me, e-mailing daily about this film, so they win, I release the best for them.” /Titus Paar


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