“This is a captivating horror/suspense story that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Craig Crawford masterfully weaves a web of intrigue and fear that grips the reader with an unrelenting sense of foreboding.”“Project Threshold: Team Berger: Division 1 is an intense but fun read. Crawford creatively conjures nightmare-inducing monsters while introducing you to a team of heroes you can’t help but care about. The stories pull you in and make you want more. I can’t wait to read about the other teams!”

“A unique exploration of the borderland between our everyday lives and the inexplicable, Crawford’s “Project Threshold: Team Berger” is a captivating series of stories that seamlessly blends elements of reality with the supernatural. Crawford does an amazing job challenging readers to reconsider hidden dimensions that might exist around us; constantly blurring the line between what we believe to be rationale and the mysteries lurking just beyond our perception.”

“This is a captivating horror/suspense story that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Craig Crawford masterfully weaves a web of intrigue and fear that grips the reader with an unrelenting sense of foreboding.”

“The second installment is just as good as the first go round. The best way to scare the p*** out of someone is to let them use their imagination — well, the invisible monster should do it for you. Amid the really creepy stuff, I found myself chuckling at a small funny inserted into the story line. Mr. Crawford’s sense of humor is “interesting.”

“This book is all about paranormal investigations and monster hunting. Everything that is unexplainable by science. You’ll get swept into the storytelling and it’s fast paced, riveting and leaves you wanting more. This book needs to be longer! I can’t wait for the next installment coz I just need to know what came through to earth.”

“This is the second Project Threshold book I have read. I love them. They are collections of well written stories that, at first, seem unfinished. Then you realize that they are all headed in the same direction and are connected. Each tells of a new monster or entity that a hush-hush arm of the military hunts. Each could also go on and you will wish that they did, they are that good. I very much enjoy these books and am looking forward to the next in the series.”

Those are just a few of the fabulous reviews for the first two books in the Project Threshold Series!

And now another team takes its shot at the monsters, entities, and more in…

In Alaska, all manner of entities and monsters cross into our world from other dimensions and Hannah Riker and her team are the gatekeepers. Riker has a personal score to settle, hunting the monster that slaughtered her parents when she was a girl. Neville, Toddy and Melissa McCoy have her back as they follow in the wake of beings dispensing justice and marking their victims. They intervene on a resort where people disappear even during daylight, fend off a tribe of furry humanoids claiming ownership of a valley, and they stumble upon an ancient, unkillable entity bent on the destruction of humanity.

Join Project Threshold today and order your copy at:

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If you missed the beginning of the series, the battle continues in…

In a multiverse where the walls are thin between our world and others, Project Threshold stands between humanity and monsters crossing over to threaten us. Harris Berger and his team intervenes on our behalf. Death waits around every corner but dying isn’t the worst thing they have to endure. Berger wades in with his team: Sam, Billy, Jacks, Jessie, and their new recruit, Pendelhaven. Team Berger faces an unknown advanced civilization, mimics loose on the streets of Chicago killing homeless people, dealing with the aftermath of witnessing awful things, mermaids in the Midwest and an apartment where people start committing suicide for no apparent reason.

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Talise Randall leads Division-2, dropping in to protect us while trying to keep her own team safe. With minor psychic powers and learning from Kali who’s even more powerful, Bodi and Milla complete their ranks. Team Talise goes head to head with an unstoppable entity, an otherworldly jealous boyfriend, a haunted museum, a Victorian home with much more than a ghost, and her team discovers what happens to all those lost socks from people’s dryers.

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About Author Craig Crawford

Craig got interested in writing in middle school. He met up with a guy who introduced him to RPG’s, fantasy and science fiction, and most importantly, the idea of writing stories. Studying writing all through high school and college, he continued creating stories.

His first publication came with a gaming company called Palladium Books, creating an index for their role playing game, Rifts. The success of the first led to a second. After he concentrated on fiction, and in 2008 he connected with a group called the Wolf Pirate Project who taught him all about writing and editing.

More recently, he’s gotten hooked on writing short stories and has published ten to date with various small presses and magazines.

Visit to learn more about Project Threshold including…

-An introduction to the personnel

-A history of the project

-A look at the bestiary

-And to subscribe for special access to archives, files and more before the book’s release!

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