88 Films December 2023 Releases

88 Films December Releases featureAction, Adventure and Horror for the Holidays!

On December 12th, the action-comedy classic The Inspector Wears Skirts will be released in a Limited Edition Blu-ray with a slipcase featuring brand-new artwork from Sean Longmore and a 2K remaster from the original camera negative.

Produced by the legendary Jackie Chan and Raymond Chow (Enter the Dragon), The Inspector Wears Skirts blends lightning-fast choreography with hard-hitting action and a healthy dose of comedy. Sibelle Hu and Cynthia Rothrock lead a group of female police officers who must contend with harassment and disrespect at every turn from their male counterparts. Featuring choreography by Chan and his stunt team and photographed by Andy Lau (director of Infernal Affairs I – III) this is an action extravaganza that does not disappoint.

The Blu-ray’s special features include audio commentary by Frank Djeng; Shooting Her Shot – An Interview with Cynthia Rothrock; The Director Wears Pants – An Interview with Director Wellson Chin; Top Squad English opening and closing titles; the Hong Kong trailer; an English trailer; and a stills gallery.

Also on December 12th, the first two chapters of the action-packed Long Arm of the Law franchise, The Long Arm of the Law I & II, come to Blu-ray with stunning new 2K restorations of both films and reversible sleeves featuring original artwork by Sean Longmore.

Directed by Johnny Mak (To Be Number One) and his brother, Michael Mak (Sex and Zen, Butterfly and Sword) respectively, these two movies are loaded with Hong Kong-style action sequences and provide an explosive prelude to what would eventually become a series of martial arts thrillers.

The Blu-ray’s special features include audio commentaries by Hong Kong film expert Frank Djeng; and brand new interviews with actor Philip Chan and director Michael Mak.

Next up, on December 12th, the Hong Kong horror-comedy The Blue Jean Monster is being released in a Limited Edition Blu-ray, including a slipcase featuring brand-new artwork by James Neal from a 2K remaster of the original camera negative. The Blue Jean Monster delivers both gore and laughs as a dead police officer gets a second chance at revenge towards the bank robbers who killed him – as a vampire! Featuring the kind of hyper-frenetic energy that fans of films like The Evil Dead have come to love, with stylish direction by Ivan Lai.

The Blu-ray’s special features include Man Made Monster – An Interview with Assistant Director Sam Leong; and the original Hong Kong trailer.

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