“A supernatural mystery that will surely satisfy anyone beyond the grave. It’s an easy read to get through and with a good pace. There is also a splash of horror to keep you on your toes.”

“A chilling supernatural mystery that kept me hooked! The author did a great job building up the tension and horror. I loved all the twists in this story.”

“”The Haunted Rosebuds” is a thrilling and unique story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish. The characters are well-developed, with complex relationships that add depth to the plot. The author’s use of the bride of Frankenstein as the main ghost haunting the story is both creative and intriguing.”

“A haunting ghost story intertwined with a coming of age tale. Quick and entertaining read.”

“The book seamlessly blends elements of horror and mystery with a coming-of-age story and is a great read for fans of the genre.”

“A quick and entertaining read, really well-written. I highly recommend it !”

Lana is a psychic ghost hunter working in The Circle Of Roses shop. She wants to help solve a case when a man’s wife leaves him because of ghosts tormenting her in the attic, but she ends up with a haunting dilemma of her own. Terra’s ghost is haunting one of her teens in her small townhouse.

Sylvie and Dana are teenagers who just want to live but when Sylvie’s room is repeatedly thrashed, psychic Rose is called to investigate. She knows Terra from way back and thinks she wants more revenge, but why is the other teen Dana not affected? Sylvie and Dana have their own group called the Rosebuds. Started when they were kids, they wind up the only two in it.

When old enough they will go into training to become real psychics. As for this story it is their first everything, except their first time seeing a ghost. How long can Terra’s ghost be kept a secret from Dana? And will Rose be able to solve both cases at once?

Find out the answer to those questions as you enjoy this haunting read at…

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And after you finish this must read book don’t forget to check out the rest of the Circle of Roses Series starting with..

When love takes a turn, what are you willing to do to keep it?

Terra’s love life is a monster so she sets out to see her old flame Nathaniel Johnston. But when she finds he is no longer living either, eternity is theirs. Bringing him back will get her a husband because of her passionate feelings for him.

Johnston is her new life, but when they are on their honeymoon in Germany things take a bad turn. The castle they stay in creates too much distance between the two.

Can she get closer to him before it’s too late?

“The writing style was new to me and interesting. The idea of ghosts, zombies, and a castle was creepy and I wish it wasn’t short.” – Shirin T., Goodreads

“I liked the writing style. There was a sense of jumping through actions and I thought it was really fitting with the character of Frankenstein.” – Meera D.

“I also liked the castle. It was strange, dark, and emotive; all the things you’d want to find in a gothic castle.” – Educator, NetGalley

Get your copy today at:

About Author Martha Wickham

Martha Wickham Polished Her Creative Talent With The Writer’s Digest, Garnering An Associate Degree In Social Behavioral Science. She Channels Her Creative Juices Through Expressions Such As Poems And Songs. Which Also Explains Her Descriptive And Vivid Storytelling Prowess. Martha Has Also Studied Screenwriting And Horror.

Despite Her Brilliant Knack For Writing, She Still Considers Herself A Student Of The Game, Constantly Learning And Adapting New And Innovative Ideas Into Her Craft. She Enjoys Practicing Writing And Appreciates Getting Writing Prompts.

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