The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 50th Anniversary Experience at Midwest Gore Fest

The first of its kind immersive fan experience celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the original and the films entire legacy at Midwest Gore Fest on June 21 – 22, 2024.  

Allen Danziger “Jerry”, William Vail “Kirk”, Ed Guinn “Truck Driver”, and John Dugan “Grandpa” from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) will be in attendance. 

The TCM universe will also be represented by Bob Elmore “Leatherface” from TCM2″ and Andrew Bryniarski “Leatherface” from the 2003 remake and TCM The Beginning.   Trick or Treat  Studios will host costume photo ops from both Leatherfaces.

Mick Strawn and Thomas L Bellisimo will be appearing representing Leatherface the 3rd installment of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

 Gun Interactive will be at the show demoing The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Video Game with special guest, Damian Maffei “Johnny” from the game. Keith Burgess, Akuma from Street Fighter will host the gaming event.

Representing the TCM comic world is Mort Castle, acclaimed and award-winning horror writer who wrote the 1991 Leatherface comic.

Chaotic Combat Wrestling brings to you a violent wrestling tribute to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films on Saturday with headline match, “a Texas Streetfight Massacre”, FMW Legend Chainsaw Tony vs Brawler Jay Kross.  The guest announcer is ECW original Joel Gertner.

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