Chris Blake Takes on “Blood Widow” Reboot

Chris Blake, the director behind All Light Will End and Distancing Socially, is remaking the 2014 cult hit, Blood Widow. Joining Blake is frequent collaborator, Josh Moody and a skilled producing team, set to dive deep into the lore and mystery that fans cherish, but with a fresh take.

Blake is keeping details under wraps, but hints at a venture into the dark and untold. “Blood Widow has been in the shadows long enough. We’re bringing her story into a new light,” he shares, suggesting a journey into the darker, more intriguing facets of the character and her world.

Picture from the 2014 film

The project promises to diverge significantly from its predecessor, taking the essence of the Blood Widow saga and infusing it with novel, spine-chilling elements. Where the original tale unwound around a malevolent presence within a forsaken boarding school, the new script aims to broaden the narrative landscape, weaving in inventive, hair-raising developments.

Determined to ensnare both devout followers and first-time watchers, Blake’s crew is blending time-honored motifs with pioneering plot twists. “The goal is to forge a horror narrative that resonates with a sense of deja vu, yet breaks ground in the genre,” says producer, Josh Moody.

Casting on the film is currently underway with production slated to begin in late 2024. “Horror aficionados can look forward to engaging updates and sneak peeks throughout the production process,” Blake assures.

Prepare for a new era of terror, because when this reimagined Blood Widow arrives, no one will be safe.

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