The found footage folk horror stars Ellie Duckles alongside Riz Moritz as fame seeking YouTubers. Posing as caterers, they travel to an 18th century house where a Goddard- esque advert is being shot, and plan to steal from the production. But they unwittingly step into a haunted house, plagued by the ghost of a murderous 18th century druid.


Riz Moritz (The Phoebus Files), Ellie Duckles (The A List), Emma King (The Vanishing), Graham Butler (Penny Dreadful), Tori Butler-Hart (The Isle) and Matt Barber (Downton Abbey).

Directed by:

Matthew Butler-Hart

Written by:

Matthew Butler-Hart and Tori Butler-Hart (with additional dialogue by the cast)

“Taking the defiantly durable found footage sub-genre to the extremities of contemporary influencer culture, while conjuring the most old school of evils in the process. Dagr is a tense, slow-burning, slice of British folk horror.”

“Blair Witch meets AbFab as found footage collides with fashion darlings giving overpriced clothes the Jean-Luc Goddard treatment. Moritz and Duckles are terrific as a pair of supremely confident, if breathtakingly naive, ethical YouTubers.”

“With even a “blood cult chorus” credited among the music in the endcredits, Dagr boasts impressive sound design with some ancient Welsh throat-singing being even more goosebump-inducing than the nocturnal camera scares.”

Dagr is a confident, self-aware and precise slice of folk-horror wrapped in a found-footage bow. Featuring two fantastic central performances that crackle with energy and vim, you will find yourself rooting for our final girls to find their way out of the woods and back to the cosy bosom of YouTube notoriety.”

“Yeah, absolutely loved this film. Read a few reviews saying that it’s ‘breathed life back into found footage films’ and I wholly agree.”

Watch and Review Today:

Now available to rent or buy in the UK, Ireland, U.S and Australia, and will be out in Canada on the 19th April (more countries coming later in the year).

For the UK and Ireland it’s on SkyStore, Apple/iTunes, Amazon, Rakuten, Google Play and Microsoft.

For more information about the film, please visit:

The Film’s Website, and IMDB

About Fizz and Ginger Films

Fizz and Ginger Films, founded in 2009 by Matthew and Tori Butler-Hart, have made waves in indie cinema with award-winning films like Two Down and The Isle. Their last feature, Infinitum: Subject Unknown, featuring Ian McKellen, achieved global release. Honoured as Screen International ‘Stars of Tomorrow’, their journey is also chronicled in a book published by Applause.

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