105ive Films, Goggle Boy Films Option Haunted Canada Books

Ontario-based prodcos 105ive Films and Goggle Boy Films have optioned the rights to the Haunted Canada anthology book series.

The anthology is published by Scholastic Canada and is a collection of ghost stories with Canadian origins. The prodcos have optioned nine books in the series, all written by Oakville, Ont. author Joel A. Sutherland.

A horror series targeted to teens is currently in development, with Louie La Vella and Monica La Vella of Beamsville-based 105ive Films and Sid Zanforlin of Hamilton’s Goggle Boy Films attached to produce.

Information on casting and the series’ release will be announced at a later date, according to a news release.

“We are committed to staying true to the essence of Joel A. Sutherland’s Haunted Canada books while introducing innovative storytelling techniques that will resonate with today’s teens,” said Zanforlin in a statement.

Images courtesy of 105ive Films; pictured (L-R): Louie La Vella, Monica La Vella and Sid Zanforlin

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