New Images from the High Octane Crime Caper GEEZERS

Principal photography is well under way for the new UK gangster epic, “Geezers”, This is a high octane crime caper about a stolen bag of money and a war between the rival gangs who want to get it. Caught in the cross fire are ‘The Geezers’ a bunch of wannabe criminals who have bitten off more then they can chew. With 24 hours to grab the cash, London may just go up in  smoke tonight. This is a high octane British gangster film with an international cast including Shaun Ryder and Bez (From Happy Mondays fame), Hannah Bang Bendz (Wrath of Dracula), Sean Cronin (Mission Impossible), Ciaron Davies, Ashley Hudson and Steven Woollard. Written and directed by Ciaron Davies (Grainne Uaile, 5th dimension, Magic Island).

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