Red Owl Films Presents CURSED

Red Owl, specialized in high quality genre cinema, presents the horror movie “CURSED”, directed by Carlos Marbán, who has mentioned it as a “love letter to horror cinema, where the first thing we see are its little protagonists… embodying complex, dramatic, violent roles, but always full of energy and meaning”.

The film was part of the Sitges Film Festival, win BEST FILM in “Terror en la Bahia”; BEST SOUND DESIGN in “Tuesday of horror”; obtained HONORABLE MENTION in “Resistencia Film Festival”; and will have its next official screening at the MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL!

The lives of six girls belong to different worlds although connected to each other through a doll called Molly, whose existence dates back to 1976, when she appeared among the rubble of the great fire of the San Carlos orphanage, in northern Spain.

Director: Carlos Marbán
Script: Carlos Marbán
Cast: Sara Belmonte, David Bollón, Haizea Carneros, Daniela Casas, Noah Casas, Israel Frutos, Laia Núñez, and Roxana Visan
Cinematography: Carlos Marbán
Music: Adrià Acker
Associate Producers: Michael Kraetzer, Nicolás Onetti

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