“a Southern Horror”… an Anthology Feature Film with a Soul-Crushing Taste of Horror and Humanity… Launches Indiegogo Campaign

a Southern Horror anthology feature film is a collection from filmmakers in Columbus, Georgia.  They’ve recently launched a haunting Indiegogo Campaign.

a Southern Horror unfurls as a dark journey through the haunted landscape of the American South, where Adelaide, tough but broken by her past, finds herself entangled in a web of sinister events and supernatural dread.

After losing everything, including her beloved dog Rainey. Adelaide stumbles upon a mysterious computer with an eerie power of compulsion, forcing her on a journey to document tales of vengeance, loss, and the unyielding grip of past sins.

Adelaide’s story weaves together with the three individual stories she collects, blending supernatural horror with raw human emotion set against a backdrop of haunted southern landscapes to delivery a macabre tapestry.

Coming to Amazon Prime December 2024

a Southern Horror | Indiegogo

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