Discover the Haunting Tale of “Melody For Alice”: A Gothic Horror Short Film by Stuart Wheeldon

Wirksworth, Derbyshire April 2024- Prepare to embark on a chilling journey into the depths of the human psyche with “Melody For Alice,” a mesmerising gothic horror short film written and directed by the visionary Stuart Wheeldon.

Unfolding in a world inspired by the macabre tales of Edgar Allan Poe, “Melody For Alice” tells the haunting story of Mr. Wallace, portrayed by the incredible Nigel Barber. Mr. Wallace, a man in search of something elusive, stumbles upon a mysterious rummage shop where he acquires an ancient 78 record. Little does he know that playing this record upon his return home will open the gates to a ghostly realm filled with dark secrets.

Nigel is an American actor based in London England. He has worked as a professional actor and voice over artist since 1968, when he joined AEA. He is also a member of British Equity, SAG and AFTRA. Nigel has worked on stage (Drama and Musical Theatre) in Film, Television and Radio, as well as a Commercial Print and Voice Over artist. His work includes Mission Impossible, Rogue Nation, Spectre, and The Curse of Robert Doll.

Elka Lee Green joins Nigel Barber i the role of Alice, Elka has been acting professionally for 10 years now and recently has been leaning into her love of all things supernatural! She played the lead role of a ghost in “Some Bodies Home” (Twinned Productions) and a supporting role in indie short “Dead Air” (Terabithia Pictures) both to be released this year. She was drawn to the script for Melody for Alice due to its psychological and almost dream-like gothic quality. When she’s not acting can be found walking, boarding and generally spoiling other people’s dogs for a living!

Adding to the atmospheric allure of “Melody For Alice” is the hauntingly beautiful music composed by the talented Jordan Frater. Frater’s compositions perfectly capture the eerie essence of the film, immersing viewers in a world where reality and the supernatural intertwine.

“Melody For Alice” is a testament to Stuart Wheeldon’s exceptional storytelling abilities and his passion for the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Drawing inspiration from Poe’s gothic tales, Wheeldon weaves a narrative that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats, craving more.

Melody For Alice is currently crowdfunding at

Further information on the film can be found on social media @nineladiesfilm and

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