Support New Retro Sci-Fi Horror Flick ‘Asteroid Vixens’ from Jared Masters

Asteroid Vixens! A fresh and artistic take on the classic 1960s sci-fi horror flick from The Sultan of Sensationalism, Jared Masters, Hollywood’s only hope!

Summary: With her friends, Lacey drives to her lost aunt’s cabin to solve the bizarre mystery and face the otherworldly forces there.

This film has it all: Sexy, terrifying aliens, a high-tech UFO, a creepy cabin in the woods and a bevy of beautiful bad-ass ladies with a thirst for blue slime!

A homage to classics like Plan 9 from Outerspace (1957), Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) and Space Thing (1968).

Written and directed by Jared Masters. Concept art and music by Seth Metoyer. Casting is underway!

This will be the 19th feature film from The Dark Prince of Hollywood, Jared Masters (Slink, After School Massacre).

This is a great opportunity to be involved in an ultra-low-budget Hollywood film, with distribution already in place!

You’ll also receive Special Thanks Credit on IMDb and in the film’s credits for a mere $10 contribution!

Be one of the few to obtain genuine perks from the film, like hero props, set pieces and custom-made wardrobe that will include a letter of authenticity.

Score a copy of the screenplay, a custom silk-screened T-shirt, an advanced Special Edition DVD, VHS tape and colorful cast-signed stills and posters. Everything will be hand-numbered and ultra-rare! Fine, film memorabilia to auction off someday.

The highest contributors will even get tickets to the red carpet Hollywood premiere and a date to Musso & Frank Grill with director and leading lady.

This production company has a proven track record, with 100% distribution success, so you know this film will be shot and released within a timely manner, slated for a 2025 DVD, VHS and VOD release.

We need funds for food, costumes, props, gas money, actor/crew payments, location costs, set construction, etc.

We can’t thank you enough for helping bring this love letter to 60s sci-fi horror to fruition.

Without you, our ideas would stay on paper and in the drawer. So please help and contribute whatever you can and spread the word via social media.

It’s difficult making movies, and we can’t do it without you.

We can’t wait to start filming this June and we know you’ll just love it! With this film we aim to please and thrill!

Teaser trailer and more info coming soon!

Check out Jared Masters’ latest films Easter Evil (2024) and The Nightgown (2023).

Support Asteroid Vixens now! Coming Spring 2025. The final fan-funded film from Jared Masters. Let’s make it count and go out with a bang!

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