First Look at DEMON QUEEN PINBALL MACHINE with Mike Ferguson

Exclusive photos from the upcoming movie DEMON QUEEN PINBALL MACHINE directed by Joe Davison, in which he also stars. Jim Burleson of Six Gun Productions and Brian Berkoff of Gizzo TV produced, and the cast additionally includes Francesco S. Viola, Elissa Dowling, Paul Wilson, Renee Daw, Taylor Halsey, Jay Bogdanowitsch, Eddie Pollard, Austin Janowsky, and the unstoppable Mike Ferguson.

“Two broke video-store owners, Derrick [Davison] and Max [Viola], take a job from Kyle [Wilson] delivering a pinball machine to a mysterious client, Eddie [Ferguson]. Little do they know the pinball machine is possessed with a revenge spirit. Along the way they meet occult specialist, River [Daw], who inadvertently gets possessed by the machine. Once they arrive at their location, all hell breaks loose when the Demon Queen [Dowling] arrives to fulfill her destiny.”

Davison says, “There are two sides to this film, “One side is Derrick, Max and River, played by the beautiful and talented stuntwoman Renee Daw, who brought an encouraging energy and comedic presence to her character. These three are comedic side of this universe. The other side is the dark reality of Eddie and the Demon Queen—they bring the violence. When the two elements meet, it becomes a chaotic explosion of comedy and death!”

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