‘Piglet: The Movie’ Hits Indiegogo! A New Breed of Monster is Born

PIGLET: THE MOVIE featuring Celeste Blandon, Brian Bremer, Jasper Hammer, Ilene Sullivan, and Angel Bradford Launches on Indiegogo!

PIGLET: THE MOVIE is now on Indiegogo and offering Associate Producer, Co-Producer, Executive Producer perks at affordable rates plus plenty of fandom specials like DVD and Blu-Ray bundles and more. 

PIGLET stars Celeste Blandon (Phanton Fun World), Brian Bremer (Pumpkinhead), Jasper Hammer (Bay for Blood), Ilene Sullivan (Knock, Knock), and Angel Bradford (Desperate Souls).

Kevin Millikin (producer), August Aguilar (director), Kelly Hudson (writer), Jake Hades (artist), Michael Joy (marketing) and formerly of the Misfits, David “Dr. Chud” Calabrese (composer).

Deep in the remote Appalachian hills, lives Piglet. The son of a once industrious butcher and marred by tragedy, Piglet’s solitary life is shattered when fame-hungry millennials trespass onto his land. They hope to capture paranormal activity on their struggling YouTube channel. In a foolish bid to manufacture exploitation, one of them slaughters Piglet’s beloved pig. Little do they know; they’ve just incurred the wrath of a vengeful killer. Incensed, Piglet brutally dispatches the trespassers one by one, displaying savage power.

“When Kelly Hudson and I began the development of Piglet, we chose to look past the public domain cash grab that typically comes with this type of film. Instead, we wanted to dig deep into the story. We spent the better part of a year understanding the nuts and bolts of our script and how it would fit within the overlapping mythology of our world. Because of this dedication, we were able to create a truly unique love letter and tribute to the slasher genre—a genre that we both grew up on and hold dear.

The feedback has been positive and overwhelming. We have assembled a phenomenal team—from our director, August Aguilar (The Gifted), whose incredible eye, approach, and dedication to the craft will only cement his name further among genre fans, to producer and composer, Dr. Chud, whose tenure with the Misfits had such an integral part in my development and childhood, and whose enthusiasm for the subject has been truly contagious. And Jake Hades (of HadesMachine and Robot Monster Inc.), who will not just embody the role of Piglet, but whose friendship has lasted decades and whose conceptual art has brought a whole new dimension to the project.

I wholeheartedly believe that Piglet has all the makings to become a new titan within the slasher genre, and I am excited to show him to the world.” – Kevin Millikin

PIGLET: THE MOVIE on Indiegogo:

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