Hunting his latest bounty, Laszlo, a resurrected saint, reveals a cosmic threat, and allies with demons & angels to save our world.

Laszlo, once a mighty king of Hungary and Catholic Saint, now lurks in the shadows as a mysterious gargoyle serving ‘The Hand.’ He is on the hunt for a dangerous clairvoyant named Werner Gottlieb, but forces are against him! As his pursuit intensifies, Laszlo unveils a dark cosmic threat, forcing him into an alliance with demons to whom he owes debts and angels he’s been avoiding. Will the darkness envelope Laszlo and his companions? Will Laszlo hit his 3s and bring his A game? You know he will!

Written by:

Frank Tudor

Cover Art by:

Simon Bisley

Artwork by:

Sebastian Garcia

Lettering by:

Rob Jones

Cover design by Simon Bisley

This new graphic novel should be north of 200 pages and will encompass the six issues. The graphic novel will contain special artwork concept pieces and a section on the recently declassified Vatican Gargoyle Transmutation Project. Check out some of the concept art and sample work below…

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There are plenty of amazing rewards available in return for your pledge to the campaign like…

-A digital edition of issue #1 or a digital edition of the graphic novel

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-Your name added to the acknowledgment or thank you sections

-Some rewards include additional items like an audiobook, patches, bookmarks and more!

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-Find out more about the graphic novel

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