THE PEOPLE IN THE WALLS Now Available On Digital + On Demand

Uncork’d Entertainment has released their latest horror film THE PEOPLE IN THE WALLS, now available everywhere On Digital and On Demand.

Watch and share the trailer:

A fun and modern take on the horror genre, THE PEOPLE IN THE WALLS integrates the influence of social media and Gen Z sensibilities with traditional horror tropes.

Official Synopsis: A new trend has been blowing up on social media; inviting people from the walls into your home. Three friends have a monster club and decide to try it for themselves. Big mistake: people start disappearing and the creatures are now hunting the kids.

Directed by Michael Crum (Anna, Lake Fear), the film stars Natalia Santacoloma, Donny Boaz, Cole Crum, Mckenna Smith, Aleena Heritage, Cassi Colvin, Shanon Snedden, and Mark Anthony Baca.

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