You Can Have Dominion Over Eternity – But You Can’t Have It Without Blood: The Vampire Dynasty Demo Transforms Steam Next Fest

Become a creature of the night with the time limited demo and experience life as a vampire in the fictitious land of Sangavia

Developer Mehuman Games and Publisher Toplitz Productions proudly announce the release of the demo for Vampire Dynasty as part of Steam Next Fest.

With the time limited demo you can get a glimpse into the eerie and sinister world of the highly anticipated action-adventure that combines dramatic storytelling with drastic choices and open sandbox gameplay, where you follow your heart to explore the diverse lush environments and unravel the secrets of Sangavias history.

You are Dragos, a former victim of a vampire attack, trying to find his place in a society where vampires are at the top of the food chain. You decide not only the fate of Sangavia but of every character living in it. You choose if they live or die, if you add them as devoted vampire followers to your clan or utilize them as obedient thralls to serve your every bidding. You can be a merciful ruler or become a ruthless tyrant, while you expand both your castle and your influence in the region and unravel a secret kept for centuries about the origins of vampires in these parts of the world.

Vampire Dynasty puts a grim and disquieting spin on the well-known Dynasty formula of resource gathering, roleplaying, management and building a life for you as well as your followers. With your castle as the centerpiece of your building efforts and serving as foundation for your character development, you can explore the open sandbox world at any given time to unravel its secrets, grow your following or follow the deep storyline enriched with full voice-over and cinematic presentation.

You can get a peek into the extensive castle building system of Vampire Dynasty, where you eventually can personalize any of the hundreds of setpieces at your disposal from walls and staircases to your coffin (you need to rest in style) and other furniture.

You can experience what it means to be a powerful vampire that can’t think of his bloodthirst alone but also the wellbeing of his loyal or distrustful subjects.

You can dive into the beginning of the cinematic story and get a feel for the gut-wrenching decisions you’ll have to make on your way to dominating Sangavia. Or maybe you fancy unraveling the lore that you might discover with the sidequests that Vampire Dynasty has in store for you?

Sink your fangs into the Vampire Dynasty demo available now as part of Steam Next Fest. The game will be released on PC in Steam Early Access later this year.

The Demo Trailer on YouTube:

Vampire Dynasty on Steam

About Mehuman Games
Mehuman Games is a team of nearly twenty professionals – from artists to gameplay designers to programmers. At the heart of this passionate group are members of the former Movie Games Lunarium – the studio responsible for the undeniably successful games Lust from Beyond and Lust for Darkness. Currently we are combining our passion for telling unique stories with the latest technological solutions of the Unreal 5 engine to venture into the opportunities of combining epic storytelling with open world sandbox gameplay.

About Toplitz Productions
The German-Austrian publisher, whose name originates from the mysterious Toplitz Lake in the heart of Austria, develops and publishes games with “heart & soul” for all platforms. The company consists of a healthy mix of experienced industry veterans and young talents, all of whom are passionate gamers. They enjoy working with creative developers on many exciting titles, such as those from the “Dynasty” and “Giant” series.

Stay up to date and learn everything worth knowing about Toplitz Productions by following the company on X, Facebook, the official website and Instagram.

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