“The Aggregate” by G. Owen Wears – Criminal Noir and Cosmic Horror

Introducing “The Aggregate” by G. Owen Wears: A Gripping Blend of Criminal Noir and Cosmic Horror

Dive into the eerie world of “The Aggregate” by G. Owen Wears, author of the acclaimed “The Place of Stars & Bones”. In this thrilling narrative, Wears seamlessly blends elements of criminal noir and cosmic horror, delivering a spine-chilling tale that will leave readers on the edge of their seats.

In “The Aggregate,” Lucy Ashwood finds herself thrust into a nightmare after a routine encounter turns deadly, leaving her grappling with guilt and waking nightmares. As she navigates a world of violence and deception, Lucy begins to unravel the dark secrets hidden beneath the surface of her seemingly ordinary life. Meanwhile, the enigmatic criminal collective known as the Aggregate holds the key to her survival, but at what cost?

Guilt, secrets, and the unknown collide in this gripping tale.


There is dust on the horizon and dust in the fields. The sky is a burned out shade of white and cicadas haunt the trees and rooftops. It is late September, and Lucy Ashwood has just finished the last unremarkable day of her life.

By morning, Lucy finds herself lying in a puddle of gore. The dead number three: two men from the MontVida Corporation and one sheriff’s deputy. They came to serve notice of genetic patent violations, and to evict the Ashwoods. When the Ashwods push back, the end result is an accidental  bloodbath. Lucy’s contribution involves feeding the dead to her pig, Wilbur. The contribution of her cousin, Arthur, involves his connection to a criminal collective known as the Aggregate. They say they will help the Ashwoods…for a price. 

Subject to waking nightmares and crippling guilt, Lucy goes on the run. As her visions grow ever more vivid, Lucy begins to suspect there is more to what happened at her home than simply murder. Meanwhile, the Aggregate has decided to call in its favor for assisting the Ashwoods, thrusting Arthur into a world of violent revolution. Neither Lucy, nor Arthur, nor the Aggregate realize there is something else at work, something malevolent that has sprung from the very soil beneath their feet. It speaks through Wilbur, through the drone of the cicadas, through the hot dry wind. When it finally gains a foothold  it will force its way through the veil between worlds, Lucy and the rest of humanity be damned.

When nightmares become reality, survival comes at a price.

Key Features:

  • Intense blend of criminal noir and cosmic horror

  • Compelling characters grappling with guilt and dark secrets

  • Atmospheric setting filled with tension and mystery

  • Unpredictable twists and turns that will keep readers guessing until the very end

No one is safe when the veil between worlds begins to fray.

Fans of crime fiction and horror will be captivated by “The Aggregate”, as well as readers who enjoy immersive and atmospheric storytelling that delves into the depths of the human psyche.

Experience the chilling tale of “The Aggregate” by G. Owen Wears. Available now on Amazon

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About the Author

G. Owen Wears was born in Pasadena, California, and currently resides along the Colorado Front Range. With a passion for writing that surpasses his early interest in painting, Wears serves as the editor of “Exterus”, a fantasy and horror anthology. He draws inspiration from his surroundings in Loveland, Colorado, where he spends his days reading, writing, and exploring the natural beauty of the Big Thompson River.

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