Trailer for “Little Deaths,” an Arthouse Romantic Drama, Set To Release July 2nd

Entertainment Squad released the trailer to Little Deaths from Bullish Productions. The arthouse romantic drama will be released on video-on-demand and digital in the United States, Canada, and the UK on July 2nd.

Written and directed by Brian Follmer, Little Deaths follows a young American couple who, after a mishandled pandemic sparks political revolution, escape to a remote jungle village. As the threat of a deadly illness looms, their tepid romance is reawakened by a vow to seek ultimate pleasure before taking their fate into their own hands.

Watch the trailer here!

The film was shot in Yucután, Mexico and stars Kerri Lee Romeo (Inside the Rain) and Adam Leotta (Out of Sight, Out of Mind), who also produced the film alongside Nicole Alibayof and writer/director Brian Follmer.

Producer/star Kerri Lee Romeo: “I fell in love with the Mexican Yucatan – from the vibrant architecture of Merida to the sleepy coastal towns and natural wonders like cenotes [underground lakes created by the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs] to the people who opened their homes and villages to us. I think we captured on film a lot of what makes the region so magical.&Rdquo;

Kerri’s co-star, Adam Leotta, added: “When Brian [Follmer] first approached me about making Little Deaths, he showed me this dark and untamed script about modern romance under the strain of plague and social turmoil – which became even more relevant because of the Covid pandemic. I knew we had to make this movie.”

“Little Deaths captures the raw emotion and resilience of the human spirit, offering a timely reflection on love and survival in our ever-changing world” said Shaked Berenson, CEO of Entertainment Squad.

Producer Nicole Alibayof added: “Little Deaths flirts with a subgenre that has been dead since the 90s; the erotic thriller. It nails the distinct flavor of confusion so obviously apparent in today’s youth and leaves us with an unmistakable sense of what-the-heck-was-that? All the ingredients of what could become a cult classic.”

Bullish Productions is a film cooperative composed of Adam Leotta, Brian Follmer, Kerri Lee Romeo, and Nicole Alibayof.

Entertainment Squad is a boutique distribution company founded by industry veteran Shaked Berenson. Previous releases include Tribeca’s Audience Award Winner dramedy, Cherry, and SXSW Selection, Peak Season.

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