The show where two guys who share the love for horror talk about our favourite movies. Each week we will pick a film to review. We will be giving our personal opinions, recommendations, talking trivia and rating it from 1 to 10. So if your into anything Scary, Jumpy or Spooky stay tuned as we discuss All Things Horror!!

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The Source for Stange Podcast Weekly! Featuring The Last Knock Podcast (@crashpalace), Misery Loves Garlic Bread (@miserybread), Our True Crime Podcast (@ourtruecrimepod), Horror Nights In (@horrordaddysrus), True Crime Real Time (@truecrimertpod), Cynema (harrisonsmith), and Where The Scary Things Are (scaryhorrorcast).


The Last Knock

Join Billy Crash and Jonny Numb as they discuss their take on horror films. Intelligent thoughts on the making of movies, dissemination of plot twists, and provoking debate on the good, the bad, and the truly horrific.

Slasher Radio Podcast

We are discussing your favorite slasher films weekly! And we want to hear from YOU! Your hosts Mikey Bonez and Corner Pocket are bringing personality and insight into their reviews of these classic, as well as mixing in new, horror movies. We love this genre and we know how tight-knit the fans tend to be so we are looking to make our listener’s voices strong for every show and get you in on the discussion. Watch these movies with us and send in things you have noticed or want to point out and hear some chatter about.

Everything Horror Podcast

Podcast started back in February 12th 2017. We are Everything Horror, pun intended. But we chat about films, books, figurines and more. We also talk what we like, love or disappointed and what could have changed.

The Podcast Crew

Paul Dulski (Creator, Host / Co-host)
Tessa Baker (Co-creator, Host / Co-host)
Sheila C Puregamer (Video Reviews / Streamer)
Lamont Derrickson (News)
Dustin Walker (Reviews)

More featured podcasts are coming soon!