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SCRM Radio

SCRM Radio is a new kind of radio station. We feature 24/7/365 horror themed programming – streamed to satisfy the ghoul in you.

The type of programming you will find here is:

Horror Shorts – read by the authors themselves!

Short horror plays – hearkening back to the days old when the families used to gather around the radio to listen to such dramas as The War Of The Worlds

Paranormal Shows and podcasts

Horror News and Interviews

… and much more!


What simply started out as a tumblr site to showcase my horror themed photography, has since been revamped into a hub for all sorts of personalized horror related content.

I began shooting horror photos back in 2006, mostly just for fun, and to do something creative with a genre I grew up loving. Throughout the years I continued to shoot horror-centric imagery ranging from iconic horror characters such as Michael Myers and Chucky, to my own concepts and creations. Wiith the help of family and friends who believed in me and my passion I continued to learn and try new ideas out. I eventually went on to shoot a number of advertisements for HorrorHound Magazine, which was a great experience.

In 2013 I decided to do a complete relaunched of, taking it from a simple tumblr photo page, to a full blown website with an all new look, full of new features and content. It has grown over the years and expanded to include interviews, retrospectives, reviews and more, all with a personal touch. The photography is still front and center, but now we have expanded to so much more. We have met so many great people on this journey and hope to continue to do so.

Hope you all enjoy everything you find here as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. This site is truly a celebration of Horror and its impact on its fans.


Heaven of Horror

Heaven of Horror is your source for news, reviews and entertainment when it comes to horror, thriller and sci-fi movies & TV shows.

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