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New century – New tech – New ways to defeat the monsters?

Give us your take on the intersection of elder gods, old monsters and new technology

Are the old monsters too far behind us?

In this era where almost everyone can instant share to the web, where almost everyone carries in their pockets a powerful computer that can take movies, and record events, in a time when we are a few years away from colonizing planets — are the Elder Gods defeated? Quaint? A joke?

Would you live tweet Dagon’s forces rising from the depth to put an end to your cruise ship special? Maybe vlog Shib-Nigurath tromping trough your city park? Could you capture Cthulhu with a coordinated AI attack?

Or would they use the new technology to conquer this blue marble, corrupt social apps databases to elect unfit to serve, orange hued puppets. Would they alter vaccines or launch nuclear warheads?

Share with the world how you see modern or imagined future technology interact with the monsters.


What We Want:

2000-10,000 words long, original (No reprints) short story (if longer, ask first). Edited — some minor grammatical errors will be accepted but if the submission requires major overhauls, it will be returned to you to edit before being accepted. Register to pay fee the fee and receive details to enter in your manuscript and an upload link.


1st place: $500, 2 paperbacks and a digital copy of the book.
2nd Place: $200, 2 paperbacks and a digital copy of the book.
3rd place: $100, 2 paperbacks and a digital copy of the book.

Deadline: September 01, 2019

Payout date: October 31, 2019

Complete details on rules, prizes, entry fees, and how to enter at:


What simply started out as a tumblr site to showcase my horror themed photography, has since been revamped into a hub for all sorts of personalized horror related content.

I began shooting horror photos back in 2006, mostly just for fun, and to do something creative with a genre I grew up loving. Throughout the years I continued to shoot horror-centric imagery ranging from iconic horror characters such as Michael Myers and Chucky, to my own concepts and creations. Wiith the help of family and friends who believed in me and my passion I continued to learn and try new ideas out. I eventually went on to shoot a number of advertisements for HorrorHound Magazine, which was a great experience.

In 2013 I decided to do a complete relaunched of, taking it from a simple tumblr photo page, to a full blown website with an all new look, full of new features and content. It has grown over the years and expanded to include interviews, retrospectives, reviews and more, all with a personal touch. The photography is still front and center, but now we have expanded to so much more. We have met so many great people on this journey and hope to continue to do so.

Hope you all enjoy everything you find here as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. This site is truly a celebration of Horror and its impact on its fans.

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