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What would you do to pay the bills; to survive, or to just get rich, would you compete against other teams in a quarantined town filthy with zombies wanting to bite out your throat?
Emma and Lewis sign up for the race, they need the money to save his life. But they won’t just be racing the dead, the surprise blizzard or the other contestants.

Because anger and vengeance know no bounds and like everyone in the blighted town they become pawns in a game of retribution.

The contestants become nothing more than live entertainment to viewers who watch and judge their every move in the town of Prideful as they race each other to arrive alive to a final flag. The team that makes will get airlifted out alive and go back home richer for it, the others walk back to a pittance and if they are not careful. They won’t get out at all.

“For the storyline alone, I recommend The Last Flag to all apocalypse lovers! It is quite an amazing adventure the author has taken her characters on. It’s like The Amazing Race meets World War Z and I loved every second of it!…”

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The first exciting and chilling compilation from the Honeycomb universe, meet our heroes and monsters!

Revelations: On Honeycomb a young lawman guide heads into a mine looking to find a lost miner and the reason for a vicious attack, what he finds are lifeforms no one ever expected. Fast, hungry and climbing back up the food chain.

Lethal Cargo: A transport ship returns from Honeycomb with more passengers that they’d had planned on, and a mad murderer. It’s up to a young doctor Zara to figure out who killed her predecessor and what’s taking out the rest of the crew.

Wraith Ship: Roel Gerard is a military rescue expert who doesn’t believe in ghosts. But when he lead his team from the safety of their ship into the deep black, they never expect for what waits for them in the corridors and recess of the Bright Hope. A spectral ship, given up for lost decades ago, returns for revenge and takes no prisoners. Roel and his team will be next, as high tech and the supernatural combine to make a meal of them.

New monsters, new aliens, and ghosts join human beings as the colonize the universe. Come along for the flights if you got what it takes.

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