Author Alyss Anderson has been a lifelong horror fan. After many years of hard work, she’s ready to present her three terrific books to fellow horror fans. She has a mysterious novel coming out in a couple of weeks, and a terrifying novella due out by the year’s end. We start with her must read 5-star book ‘The Monster Within.’


A collection of thirteen short stories that will frighten you with the thought that monsters like these really do exist……They are called the Human Race!

Boogie Man: If you embrace your fears when you meet the “monsters” who lurk in the dark, you just might survive.

Check out what they’re saying about these stories…

“I loved the short stories”

“Each character of these stories were very complex and twisted individuals”

“I cannot wait to read Alyss’ next book”

Well before we get to her next book, here’s where you can get ‘The Monster Within,’ including a special autographed copy

Amazon    Createspace    Goodreads   Limited Edition Signed Hardcover

Fresh off the success of ‘The Monster Within.’ Alyss is ready to bring the horror fans ‘Am I Not Like You.’


Adam is the hometown hero that everyone treats like a villain. The villain gets treated like the hero, because his brother is in law enforcement in the small town of Coffey Alabama. Will Lucy get justice for the cover-up that plagued the small town.

You won’t have to wait long to find discover the secrets hidden in Coffey Alabama! ‘Am I Not Like You?‘ is available for pre-order, and will be released August 19th! Click HERE to pre-order your copy today!

Alyss has one more amazing book coming out December 13th! ‘Darkness of the Mind,’ which is the first book in the series Journey to the Darkness, will make the perfect Christmas present for horror fans!


Paul and Jamie Demented were victims of abuse and torment as children. They found an escape from it in music but that just wasn’t enough. They wanted to be heroes by ridding the world of Monsters like they encountered as children. Monsters that are Humans consumed with the Darkness within their minds.
Are Paul and Jamie vigilantes or are they just like the monsters they wish to destroy? The answers lie within the Darkness of the Mind. Follow Paul and Jamie Demented on their Journey to the Darkness.

Be the first to find out what happens to Paul and Jamie by pre-ordering your copy of ‘Darkness of the Mind.’ Click HERE to pre-order your copy, and don’t forget that autograph copies will be available as well!

Alyss has put together quite the variety of horror books by giving a little something of everything to horror fans! Give ‘The Monsters Within‘ a try, and get ready for all the horror to come in her future releases!

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