Short film “The Drawing” is here!


THE DRAWING is coming! THE DRAWING is here! THE DRAWING is a modern monster horror short infused with 80s synth overtones. The film features Clarke Wolfe (Collider Nightmares, Nerdist) as a young woman who discovers a mysterious crayon drawing while out for a jog. It was probably nothing, right?

THE DRAWING was created by 1A Plate Productions which consists of Micah Roland and Jason C Brown and is partially based on a true story (no, really).

Official *hand-painted* poster and link to the full 5 minute short below.

Support indie horror, please check it out and share on your site/social media!



Starring Clarke Wolfe (@ClarkeWolfe)

Shot and Directed by Jason C Brown

Written and Produced by Micah Roland (@MicahR_)

Poster design by Ted Bracewell (@Tedakin)

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