Marco Torres is growing up in Chicago with something unworldly going on in his mind. He likes a good horror story, except when it’s his own. He didn’t want a crazy label put on him, so he goes to a local library for research. After his studies come up short, he starts to see ghostly visions of a crazed homeless man whom he thinks wants to harm him.

For a short time, Marco’s affliction and the visions cease. He thinks he’s back to normal until he’s almost killed by the same crazed man.

As Marco gets older, his horror intensifies. He does the best he can and tries to become a writer after high school. He drinks heavily, but a move to San Diego for a quick stint in the Navy somewhat cleans up his act. That is, until his affliction becomes a problem again.

Eventually, Marco flips when his path crosses with a mystery couple who have the same abnormality. They gain his trust the hard way, as he discovers they worked for the government. Afterwards, the new friends go on various adventures including a murder investigation. Will Marco learn to harness his rare ability without getting himself killed?

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Breach of Consciousness by Peter Castillo is just the perfect read for this kind of season. I can’t think of a better ways to start fall than by reading a creepy steady paced mystery. Breach of Consciousness is a combination of murder, paranormal activity, and an investigation. This ingredients bring forth a novella worth reading.”

“His management of the paranormal aspects of his book soars – not only is it competently written, but it is also terrifyingly credibleno small feat for paranormal subject matter.”

Bravo! Castillo’s plot is credible and moving. Breach of Consciousness is a brilliant and probing debut novel, and it’s most highly recommended.”

Peter Castillo’s writing style is simple and direct and, as such, it is as if Marco is speaking to readers personally. Narrated in the first person perspective, the story comes out astonishingly real and vivid.”

“The best description of this novel is “intermittently fast paced.” Breach of Consciousness captured my attention and held it.”

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About Author Peter Castillo:

Peter Castillo was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. As a boy his creative mind unlocked after he experienced the imagery of The Twilight Zone, Star Wars and the rock band KISS.

Through the years he developed a knack for seeing art where others may have not. He wrote while reading “How To” books on fiction writing, and learned from feedback of various editors. Furthermore, he kept his life-long pledge to be a rocker and horror fan.

While serving with the Navy, a surge of creativity pulled him back to dreams of being an author. Years later while Pete was back in civilian life, a new story line emerged after an original Twilight Zone episode gave him a new perspective. The result was his first published work called Breach of Consciousness.

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