The horror movie exploring family, exes and best of allrevenge


Nicole struggles to find her way in a world that has always made her feel lonely and isolated. Craving a fresh start and a connection with another human after leaving an abusive husband, she begins to make herself vulnerable again. But this vulnerability comes at a cost

As she learns more about the secrets of those she is close to and facing an impending visit from her family, Nicole is reminded again that she will never be free of the abuse continually inflicted upon her. Unless she fights back

With revenge on her mind and the longing to be free in her heart; Nicole’s past, present and future come to a chaotic collision at a family dinner that will not soon be forgotten.


Starring: Nicole Trough, Braeden Baade, and Rollyn Stafford


Directed by: Bob X Akins


What can horror fans expect from the movie:

Nicole, her Ex & the Killer is a horror movie unlike any you have ever seen. A psychological thriller that takes real-life situations, struggles that most of us have had – and shows these situations and struggles coming to a chaotic conclusion. It offers visualization of our deepest, darkest thoughts and serves as a cathartic experience as it concludes in revenge – perhaps the type most of us have fantasized about at one point or another.


Who is Nicole:

The lead character in Nicole, her Ex & the Killer is driven to desperation by loneliness, the need to be loved and the pain that she has carried around for too long. It is too often in films that lead female characters are referred to as “strong women” – implying that women are inherently weak. While our character is strong – this movie breaks away from those “strong womantropes.


Nicole, the Ex, & the Killer” is still in pre-production but it has already received high marks at film festivals



What’s next for the movie?

There will be a crowdfunding campaign beginning in early 2017! Make sure that you are following on Twitter, or “Like” its Facebook page for updates.

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