Get a Dose of Thorazine Dreams by Vic Kerry

Sink your teeth into 15 tales of dark fiction with Vic Kerry’s new collection Thorazine Dreams, available now in paperback and Kindle download from Pint Bottle Press.

When the line between the rational and delusional blurs, the dream becomes reality, and life becomes a nightmare. Experience the psychosis these stories induce, from tales of insanity to those of twisted hysterics. Take the shot, and enjoy the Thorazine Dreams.

“Thorazine Nightmares is a more accurate title, but Thorazine Dreams has a better ring to it. In these short snippets of horror, Kerry draws a common thread of substances and the power they control over us, with or without our consent. You’ll meet a variety of classic monsters in these pages, but some unique ones, too. And the monster isn’t always who it seems.” — Kristin Dearborn, author of Whispers, Stolen Away, and Woman in White

“Vic Kerry’s writing is always intriguing and engaging. His stories are woven with a thoughtfulness that few can match. I eagerly read any story he writes.” — Lori Michelle, editor-in-chief of Dark Moon Digest

Vic Kerry spends his days as an inpatient psychiatric therapist and his nights dreaming up nightmares. He has written two novels and a novella, including Revel’s Ending and Decoration Day (both available from Samhain Publishing). Thorazine Dreams is his first collection of short stories.

For more information on the book, visit this Amazon link or the Pint Bottle Press website at

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