The “Inspired and Terrifying” THE DEVIL LIVES HERE Now on DVD & VOD 

Brazilian horror film The Devil Lives Here Is Out on DVD and VOD

One day, teenagers spending the weekend in a remote house will not open that door, you know the one that unleashes the devil and/or his murderous henchmen onto our unsuspecting and sexually active teens. Well, this is not that weekend! Brazilian indie horror film The Devil Lives Here (original language title: O Diabo Mora Aqui and short-lived English language title, The Fostering) sticks to the familiar frame of a plot but adds Brazilian folklore, the country’s black slave past with frightening visuals and top-notch acting to create a terrifying tale of demons unleashed.

Initial critical response:

“Picture a film created by Sam Raimi and Dario Argento working in tandem. I really can’t recommend The Devil Lives Here enough; it’s a fantastic fright flick…Check this one out immediately!” – OutreEye

“The acting is near perfect and the screenplay keeps us on the edge of our seats..more than a film, it is an experience.” – Amos Lassen

“The Devil Lives Here…can get horror fans excited about the holidays. This would be a fun present. I am going to be watching it again.” – WickedChannel

“If you are after horror you will find it with The Devil Lives Here.” –TheRottingZombie

“The Devil Lives Here is the most beautiful nightmare you’re likely to have in a while…Part period horror, part morality tale and part rural shocker…and as pure a horror film as you could hope to see. – ScreamHorrorMag

“The Devil Lives Here is the Brazilian Candyman. See the movie when you get the chance.. The imagery is inspired and terrifying…the visuals and the frights will translate into a fun and terrifying ride for anyone willing to get on board.” – HorrorFreakNews

The Devil Lives Here is now available on the following VOD sites:
Microsoft XBox

The Devil Lives Here is now available on DVD at many sites including:
Movies Unlimited
DVD Planet

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