Bloody, quirky and funny as hell…

Nicole, her Ex & the Killer is the horror movie exploring family, exes and best of allrevenge. A woman’s battle against loneliness and abuse leads her through a chaotic journey culminating in a twisted, furious and dark humor’s perspective to dealing with overbearing family and crummy exes.

Starring: Nicole Trough, Braeden Baade, and Rollyn Stafford

Directed by: Bob X Akins

More about the film & why horror fans will enjoy it:

There’s nothing like a good horror movie. They speak to us at our most human level.

Horror films transcend groups, demographics and geography because fear, anxiety and intensity are the same in every language. There’s something therapeutic in getting wrapped up in a good horror movie…even in watching a character we identify with getting revenge. That is one thing Nicole, her Ex and the Killer does. We’ve blended elements of horror, psychological thriller, revenge and black comedy to tell the story of someone who is facing the real life struggles of a person dealing with loneliness, abuse, bad dating experiences and an overbearing family.

The horror genre has become littered with remakes, unoriginal stories that do the same things over and over, and movies that rely on jump scares and similar. We have strived to tell a story that is different than anything you have seen. Relatable and surreal at the same time, furious, chaotic, funny, intense.

Who is Nicole:

The lead character in Nicole, her Ex & the Killer is driven to desperation by loneliness, the need to be loved and the pain that she has carried around for too long. It is too often in films that lead female characters are referred to as “strong women” – implying that women are inherently weak. While our character is strong – this movie breaks away from those “strong woman” tropes.

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