“One hell of a twisted tale

“An easy and enjoyable read, a mix of Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits, and something that I would love to see on a screen.”

“I was not at all disappointed!!… Can’t wait for the sequel!

“I have pretty high standards, especially in short fiction, but McCarley really delivers on The Comeback. Shades of classic Jim Thompson a la Pop. 1280 morph into a suspenseful, supernatural thrill ride.”

The Comeback is an incredibly fast read that knows where it wants to take the reader, and doesn’t waste your time. It get’s its horror right.”

“Imagine that Clive Barker had done a very special “Twilight Zone” episode through some sort of time machine, and you have a good idea of what you are getting yourself into.”

Thoroughly enjoyed this book!”

Those are just a few of the amazing 5 star reviews for…

Shakey Silvers came back from the dead. He brought his bucket list.

Doug Kennedy is a stand-up comic struggling with his career, with his girlfriend, and with the bottle. Desperate for money, he takes a gig at a remote casino located in “the exact-middle-of-nowhere”, Nevada. Doug thought that his act dying on stage was the worst he’d have to fear in the desert. He was dead wrong.

Doug was in for a hell of a ride.

Filled with eccentric characters, twists, turns, and strange, horrific situations, The Comeback is a fast-paced descent into nightmare that won’t let you sleep.

WELL worth your money and your time

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About author Larry McCarley

Larry McCarley was raised by wolves on the tundra outside of Cleveland, Ohio. He now lives in (mostly) sunny California. The quote that best describes him is “St. Facetious Is My Co-Pilot.”

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