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The Horror Junkies are an Orlando based podcast and YouTube channel where they discuss all things Horror.

Hosted by Patrick, Mike, Angel, and Austin.

Here are a few of their recent episodes

Horror Junkies: Get Out

This week the full cast is back and were discussing Jordan Peele’s Get Out, as well as announcing some up coming events for the show and the recent release of the Alien: Covenant trailer. Things start to get heated in a new segment in the show called Versus. In this segment we debate who we think would win in a fight to the death, between horror icons, this week we pitted Spawn against an army of Xenomorphs.

Horror Junkies: Get Out Spoiled

On this episode of Horror Junkies, we discuss Jordan Peele’s Get Out in its entirety filled with spoilers. So if you haven’t watched the movie, please turn this episode off and listen to last weeks episode, where we talk about Get Out spoiler free. As usual stay weird and check back with us next week when we discuss Creepy Children and Child Possession.

Horror Junkies: Creepy Kids

On this week’s episode of Horror Junkies, we’re back in the studio and start a discussion on Creepy Kids in Horror movies, and the over use of child possession movies. We also announce a new partnership with Horror Pack, a horror movie subscription box, that delivers 4 movies to you every month. You can go to https://horrorpack.com/go/horrorjunkies and sign up and receive 3 dollars off you first order. Also in this weeks episode we have a new Versus match, this week it was Pinhead vs Freddy Krueger. The twitter poll had Freddy winning by 68% and pin losing at 32%. Finally we review a local horror comic book coming out March 16th on ComiXology called Elevator. Written by Dwight MacPherson and published by Hocus Pocus Comics. You can check out his amazing comic via https://www.hpcomics.net/

Besides the podcast, you can also find the Horror Junkies on YouTube! They have trailers and live streams of them playing video games like this one of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

All episodes of the amazing Horror Junkies podcast can be found at:


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