Hungry for some horror…

17-year-old Jack has finally found the ideal part time job: flipping burgers in the kitchen of a local fast food eatery.

But he soon figures that he may have gotten more than he bargained for when he and his co-workers are stalked by an ancient evil

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Murderers, bank-robbing robots, a meeting with the Devil himself and even a story that could very well have inspired The Matrix. All of these thrilling stories are contained within these pages. The term “Pulp Fiction” most often refers to run-of-the-mill, literature of low-quality, but these exciting tales beg to differ. Dig in, dear reader, and rediscover one of the most popular genres of the early twentieth century with the first collection in a new series, World Of Pulp!

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If you enjoy those tales, the good news is there’s more

Haunted houses, immortality and incompetent criminals make up just some of the subject matter contained within the second volume in the World Of Pulp series. Join pulp fan Skyler Isaac as he here presents ten classic short stories from the Golden Age of Pulp Fiction’s popularity. Dig in, dear reader, and rediscover all the terror and excitement that made this genre of literature so compelling.

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About author Skyler Isaac

Skyler Isaac is an independent filmmaker and author currently living in the Yukon, which is correctly known as the planet’s butthole. He enjoys telling silly stories and wasting your time in doing so. He can usually be found chilling with his cat and working on some goofy creative venture. Skyler Isaac is currently hard at work on his first full-length novel.

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