Over 100 pages of pure chaos…

Have you ever wondered if your city has disturbing hidden secrets from the past?

What if those things were still going on right now as we speak?

What if you were confronted with the truth and had no choice but to face it or die?

This is a story about government greed to the max and how it horribly backfires on them.

Journey along with this hilarious and fun loving family as they discover a secret that’s deeply embedded in their quiet City of Little Hill.

What they see next can only be described as hidden pandemonium!

Created by: Alex Lanier

Check out what this reviewer said about this exciting full colored graphic novel…

Lanier’s artwork is the real standout here. It’s fantastic, grotesque and disturbing at times, and done in a truly unique style that I haven’t seen before. It modulates effortlessly between hyperreal and a colorful caricaturesque style. I really love it. He plays with the framing a lot, rendering scenes using angles that are so beautifully cinematic, they feel like they’re drawn through virtual camera lenses. There is also a lot of work here that emphasizes what can only be done so well in the graphic novel medium.”

“This one was a trip, like a flu induced fever dream. Storywise think early David Cronenberg body horror + Alice in Wonderland + Saga + The Boondocks + 70s Sexploitation.”

The Hidden Dimensions’ is available in two formats:

THE HIDDEN DIMENSIONS: Graphic Novel (Digital Edition)

THE HIDDEN DIMENSIONS: Graphic Novel (Printed Edition)

It’s also tentatively scheduled to be released on Comixology on May 10th!

Visit to:

-View a sample and preview the first view pages

 -Learn more about artist Alex Lanier

-Check out his other projects and art work

And don’t forget to follow him on Twitter and Instagram!

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