Home Invasion Nightmare”Messenger of Wrath” Teaser Trailer Arrives

Shady Dawn Pictures has released the teaser trailer to their next film, “Messenger of Wrath” A home invasion thriller about a resilient 12 year old girl named Three who is alone one night when masked intruders break in. She manages to escape from them only to flee back to the house after encountering an ominous presence lurking in the woods.

Shady Dawn Pictures’ prior films include “The Girl in the Cornfield” and “Where Demons Dwell: The Girl in the Cornfield 2” The original film had a modestly successful release last year. On Amazon Prime, between October 12th and 31st, over 400,000 minutes were watched by US viewers alone.

Currently, there are six or seven days of shooting remaining on the schedule for “Messenger of Wrath”. Director Ryan Callaway has been editing since the beginning of principle photography in late April, so a finished cut of the movie isn’t that far around the corner. A special premiere screening is planned for late August/early September in Red Bank, NJ – after which the film is expected to be released on DVD and VOD in October. Industrial duo Pig7, who scored both “The Girl in the Cornfield” movies, will be working on the music for this project as well.

“We wanted to put a teaser trailer out just so people have an idea of what they’re going to be in for,” Director Ryan Callaway said. ” It demonstrates the overall vibe of the movie but it’s intentionally vague on details. We’ll have another trailer closer to the release which will delve a little deeper into the story, but only a little. I hate when I’ve seen the whole movie from watching previews so I won’t do that to our audience. There will be a lot of surprises awaiting in October.”

Stay tuned for more on “Messenger of Wrath” as production wraps and editing is completed over the next month or so.

Written by Norah Davids, edited by Ryan Callaway

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